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Taryn & Kurtis ~ 09/07/13

Jennifer and I had the honor of being a part of Kurtis & Taryn’s Wedding at the Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett on 09/07/13.  Their Wedding was a wonderful blend of style, food, family, friends and music – and their love for each other was at the heart of it all!  Tayrn is a psychologist and Kurtis is a plumber – they met 5 years ago and have a love for each other that anyone can see!  They live in Snohomish with their 2 dogs Oscar & Leleah.  Jenn & I shot at the Monte Cristo earlier this year – we love this venue!  Classic feel in a modern urban setting – and incredible food (the owner does up a roast that’s to die for!)  Here are the other awesome vendors we want to recognize that made the day happen:  Taryn’s stunning dress & Kurtis’ handsome Tux were courtesy of Laineemeg Bridal in Snohomish, DJ Brien Elliot (with Otto-Matic Mobile Music) rocked the night away, the beautiful floral arrangements (& bouquets and boutonnieres) were courtesy of Debbie with Vintage Lily and Pastor Andrew Ferguson with the Hope Four Square Church in Snohomish officiated an emotional and fun ceremony!  We last spotted our happy couple as they headed off to Mexico from the Monte Cristo in a Jaguar (via the airport!).  Join me in wishing Taryn & Kurtis many years of happiness and joy!  Congratulations again to you both!!

Taryn & Kurtis - 110Taryn & Kurtis - 120Taryn & Kurtis - 130Taryn & Kurtis - 140Taryn & Kurtis - 152Taryn & Kurtis - 160Taryn & Kurtis - 170Taryn & Kurtis - 180Taryn & Kurtis - 190Taryn & Kurtis - 200Taryn & Kurtis - 210Taryn & Kurtis - 220Taryn & Kurtis - 225Taryn & Kurtis - 230Taryn & Kurtis - 240Taryn & Kurtis - 250Taryn & Kurtis - 260Taryn & Kurtis - 270Taryn & Kurtis - 281Taryn & Kurtis - 291Taryn & Kurtis - 300Taryn & Kurtis - 310Taryn & Kurtis - 320Taryn & Kurtis - 330Taryn & Kurtis - 340Taryn & Kurtis - 350Taryn & Kurtis - 360Taryn & Kurtis - 365Taryn & Kurtis - 371Taryn & Kurtis - 380Taryn & Kurtis - 390Taryn & Kurtis - 400Taryn & Kurtis - 405Taryn & Kurtis - 410Taryn & Kurtis - 420Taryn & Kurtis - 430Taryn & Kurtis - 440Taryn & Kurtis - 450Taryn & Kurtis - 460Taryn & Kurtis - 470Taryn & Kurtis - 480Taryn & Kurtis - 490Taryn & Kurtis - 500Taryn & Kurtis - 510Taryn & Kurtis - 515Taryn & Kurtis - 518Taryn & Kurtis - 520Taryn & Kurtis - 530Taryn & Kurtis - 540Taryn & Kurtis - 550Taryn & Kurtis - 560Taryn & Kurtis - 570Taryn & Kurtis - 580

  1. Jimbo Christianson says:

    These pictures are fanominal ! The bride and groom look amazing ! Great photography !

  2. Ashlee Guckel says:

    Beautiful Pics! Wish I could have been there to celebrate with the happy couple!!!

Shay ~ Class of 2014

I had a chance to work with Shay last weekend for his Senior pictures and we had a great day!  Weather was lousy at first (T-Storms!), but it passed quickly which left us with beautiful overcast light for his Senior Pictures!   Shay is graduating Arlington High School in June of 2014 and is hoping to get into UW for Engineering (or maybe Political Science – time will tell!).  He’s already been accepted to WSU & is also looking at a school in California (Occidental University in LA – where the president went!) – so he’s checkin’ out his options! Shay’s Dad has been a Firefighter in Everett for the last 20+ years, so while we were shooting in downtown Arlington we got permission to shoot at the fire station, which we thought was pretty cool since that’s been a part of his life too!  We also did some nice work at the school & at a local park – all in all, a great day for a great Senior Session!  Good luck Shay – the future looks bright!

Shay - 110Shay - 120Shay - 130Shay - 140Shay - 150Shay - 160Shay - 170Shay - 180Shay - 190Shay - 200Shay - 202Shay - 203Shay - 204Shay - 206Shay - 210

    Lacey & Carl ~ Engagement

    Lacey and Carl crossed paths long before they started dating!  They actually first met in middle school, but didn’t start ‘officially dating’ until their Senior Year of High School in 2006.  After High School, Carl went on to work at his family’s printing business and Lacey went to Western Washington University.  Lacey is still at WWU in the final year of a Graduate Studies program in Speech Therapy, and so it was on the WWU Campus that they wanted to shoot their Engagement Session.  They knew so many cool spots on campus to shoot & I just followed them around like a lost puppy stopping to shoot here & there – and the results were awesome!  The stone slabs with the dates are actually time capsules for that year’s graduating class, but we picked there birth years as details in the shoot (makes me feel ancient since I am actually Class of 1987 – nice!).  Some past WWU Alumnus also have their names engraved on the bricks of the pathway leading up to the ‘Old Main’ building (I thought they were pretty cool so I grabbed some details there too – helps to tell the story of WWU).  Their love, friendship and humor were so obvious it was hard for me to go wrong with the photographs!  We started talking about cats & I learned that we both have 2 new kittens (mine are Oreo & Cleo and theirs are Zena & Gabriella).  We’re also all Aerosmith fans, & they said their favorite couple song is “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” (put a link there to the Youtube video – Steven Tyler is frickin’ awesome!) Carl & Lacey are also into reading science fiction (another common interest – maybe I’m a long lost cousin?), movies and Red Robin (‘yum’!).  Their Wedding is at French Creek Estates in Snohomish on August 2nd of 2014.  Jenn & are so lucky to be working with Lacey & Carl and we’re really excited about the Wedding!  Until then guys, good luck with the kittens, school and life – we’ll see you next summer at French Creek Estates!

    Lacey & Carl - 120Lacey & Carl - 130Lacey & Carl - 140Lacey & Carl - 150Lacey & Carl - 160Lacey & Carl - 170Lacey & Carl - 180Lacey & Carl - 190Lacey & Carl - 200Lacey & Carl - 205Lacey & Carl - 210Lacey & Carl - 220Lacey & Carl - 230Lacey & Carl - 240Lacey & Carl - 250Lacey & Carl - 300Lacey & Carl - 320Lacey & Carl - 330Lacey & Carl - 340

    Jordan & Dakota ~ Wedding

    Jennifer and I celebrated the love of Jordan & Dakota at their incredible Wedding at Tazer Valley Farm in Stanwood on 08/23/13.  The love, the laughter – we were able capture it all!  Jordan & Dakota’s Wedding Party was awesome to work with – we were laughing behind our lenses as much as they all were in front of them!  Highlights:  the ‘Reveal’ was a tear jerker for all of us, Jordan’s Grandfather walking her down the aisle (again, hard to keep a dry eye), the ATV cake, the Dinosaur Toppers, Jordan’s Mom (Stefanie) watching her being given away at the altar, the First Dance, the beautiful Vintage Car at Tazer Valley & the surprise limo at the end of the night!  Let’s make a toast to the incredible vendors who made it all happen for our happy couple at Tazer Valley Farm:  DJ Brien Elliot (Otto-Matic Weddings) rocked the night away, Patty (a family friend) did all the Floral Arrangements (stunning!), Cakes courtesy of Safeway Bakery, Cupcakes were from Stanwood Cupcakes (to die for!), Rings were from Charles Jewelry Fred Meyer, Jordan’s stunning Dress was courtesy of Laineemeg Bridal , Officiant Jim Romack conducted a beautiful ceremony, Catering courtesy of Double Barrel BBQ (delicious ‘Pulled ‘Pork’ Sandwiches!) and Tyler the Bartender with Snohomish Beer & Wine kept everyone’s spirits high!  It was the culmination of a beautiful story about how a these two found each other along the road of life, fell in love & married on a perfect August afternoon in Stanwood – & here’s the pictures to prove it!  Congratulations again to you both & hope the Hawaiian Honeymoon was a blast!