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Chris & Laura ~ Engagement

RLP met up with Chris & Laura in Everett  (Forest Park & Howarth Park) for a great fall Engagement Session amidst the changing leaves & great skies!  We had the perfect day for photography and Chris & Laura added some very important elements to the photographs that helped tell their story!  The most important of these was their 4 legged canine companion ‘Kate’ who loved Forest Park & joined us for many of those shots!  They also brought their Matthews Bows which they use to hunt Elk around this time of year in Eastern Washington!  These bows are so cool & we had a blast using them in the photographs (love the ring & arrow shot!) They changed for the beach & we did some more formal work there that turned out really nice with the new outfits!  Chris & Laura had their first date at a Go-Cart track about 5 years ago & have been together ever since!  They love hunting, fishing, crabbing & outdoor fun!  Chris works in the custodial field & Laura works in retail as they attend Central Washington University to study for their Undergraduate Degrees.  Jenn & I are so excited to be working with Laura & Chris at their Wedding in August of 2014 at Green Gates at Flowing Lake in Snohomish, so until then please join me in wishing them both a big CONGRATULATIONS on their Engagement!

Chris & Laura-110Chris & Laura-120Chris & Laura-125Chris & Laura-130Chris & Laura-135Chris & Laura-140Chris & Laura-145Chris & Laura-150Chris & Laura-155Chris & Laura-160Chris & Laura-166Chris & Laura-170Chris & Laura-175Chris & Laura-180Chris & Laura-185Chris & Laura-190Chris & Laura-195Chris & Laura-200Chris & Laura-205Chris & Laura-210Chris & Laura-215Chris & Laura-220Chris & Laura-225Chris & Laura-230Chris & Laura-235Chris & Laura-240Chris & Laura-250Chris & Laura-260

  1. Gail says:

    The pictures look amazing! You both look so great together (and Kate looks pretty good too). I’m so excited and can’t wait for your special day:)

  2. Angie Baker says:

    Your pictures are great. We don’t get tired of looking at them. You both look so happy. August will be here before you know it. Love, Gma & Gpa B

  3. Janet Tamura says:

    The pictures look great. Looking forward to see the rest of them. I love the pictures in the trees with all the leaves.

  4. Renee Wagner says:

    What an exciting time in life’s journey. The pictures are amazing — thank you for sharing Chris and Laura!!

  5. Laura Tamura says:

    We love these photos and can’t wait to see the rest!!

  6. ANGIE says:

    Your pictures are great. We don’t get tired of looking at them. August will be here before you know it. Love, Gma & Gpa B

Ali & Russell ~ Engagement

RLP shot an incredible fall Engagement Session with Ali & Russell at Tolt MacDonald park in Carnation on 10/20/13!  The weather & light were absolutely perfect as we moved through the park, shooting against great fall backgrounds!  Ali & Russell brought their 2 canine companions with them (Sawyer & Happy) & they even got dressed up for the occasion as well (love the bow ties!)  Ali & Russell met online, have meet together for over a year & they love pizza and country music (and each other, of course)!  Their favorite things to do are going to rodeos (they have been to 5 together) and spoiling their dogs!  We had a lot of fun & joked around the entire time – the session was a blast!  Here’s wishing Ali & Russell Congratulations on their Engagement & we’ll see you guys in June for the Wedding at Green Gates at Flowing Lake in Snohomish!

Allie & Russell-100Allie & Russell-105Allie & Russell-108Allie & Russell-110Allie & Russell-115Allie & Russell-120Allie & Russell-125Allie & Russell-130Allie & Russell-140Allie & Russell-145Allie & Russell-150Allie & Russell-155Allie & Russell-160Allie & Russell-165Allie & Russell-170Allie & Russell-175Allie & Russell-185Allie & Russell-186Allie & Russell-187Allie & Russell-188Allie & Russell-190Allie & Russell-200


Mariana ~ Class of 2014

RLP caught up with Mariana (West Seattle High School – Class of 2014) at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle on 10/20/13 for a cool walk through one of Seattle’s great landmarks.  Mariana is excited about graduation in June and plans to go on to community college in the fall.  As a clarinet player, Mariana has been involved in marching bands for years (both the West Seattle High School Marching Band and the All City High School Marching Band) & she brought her hat along as a prop (love the colors!) Her own personal music tastes lean towards country (she’s a huge Blake Shelton fan), even though her favorite food is the Russian Soup called ‘Borsht‘.  Her outfits were perfect for the shoot:  her casual hoody worked really well for our casual shots & a fall friendly off white top & black skirt were perfect for our more formal work.  Mariana did a great job & we had an awesome day!  Join me & wishing her ‘Congratulations’ on her upcoming graduation in June & good luck next year in college!

Mariana -101Mariana -105Mariana -107Mariana -110Mariana -113Mariana -114Mariana -116Mariana -117Mariana -118Mariana -120Mariana -122Mariana -124Mariana -125Mariana -127Mariana -129Mariana -132Mariana -134Mariana -138

    Emily & Kyle ~ Engagement

    Emily & Kyle were able to meet up with RLP on 10/05/13 for a great Engagement Session at Larrabee State Park in Bellingham on 10/05/13!  We had so much fun at Larrabee!  The forests, the rocks, the beach – too cool! Emily & Kyle are both students at Central Washington University (go Wildcats!);  Emily is studying to be a Physical Education Instructor and Kyle is going into Computer Programming.  The actually met years ago in high school & have been going strong ever since!  Their love, friendship and humor is there to see in every shot!  Jennifer & I are so excited to be shooting Emily & Kyle’s Wedding in August of 2014 at Greenfield Farm & Gardens in Anacortes!  So here’s wishing CONGRATULATIONS again to Emily & Kyle on their Engagement & we’ll see you guys in August in Anacortes!

    Emily & Kyle - 110Emily & Kyle - 120Emily & Kyle - 130Emily & Kyle - 140Emily & Kyle - 150Emily & Kyle - 160Emily & Kyle - 170Emily & Kyle - 180Emily & Kyle - 190Emily & Kyle - 200Emily & Kyle - 210Emily & Kyle - 217Emily & Kyle - 230Emily & Kyle - 240Emily & Kyle - 250Emily & Kyle - 260Emily & Kyle - 270Emily & Kyle - 280Emily & Kyle - 290Emily & Kyle - 300

      Allie ~ Class of 2014

      Allie met up with RLP on 10/06/13 for a dynamic Senior Session in Bellingham!  We shot at Whatcom Falls & Downtown Bellingham – and we had a blast!  The Falls were stunning and provided us with beautiful scattered sun and stunning environments. When we went into Downtown Bellingham, we made a day of it!  We stopped at Everyday Music, dug through some vinyl bins and had fun with records (Allie found some CD’s from one of her favorite bands,  30 Seconds to Mars).  Then we wandered down the street, shooting all the while & we stopped at Mallard Ice Cream where Allie scored a scoop of coconut chocolate chuck (with almonds!).  Allie is into reading & video games and she’s off to Gonzaga University in Eastern Washington next year to study Science & Literature.  So join me in Congratulating Allie for her upcoming Graduation from Burlington-Edison High School in June & here’s wishing her the best of luck with next year at Gonzaga and in all the years to come!

      Allie - Class of 2014 - 110Allie - Class of 2014 - 115Allie - Class of 2014 - 120Allie - Class of 2014 - 125Allie - Class of 2014 - 130Allie - Class of 2014 - 135Allie - Class of 2014 - 137Allie - Class of 2014 - 147Allie - Class of 2014 - 150Allie - Class of 2014 - 160Allie - Class of 2014 - 170Allie - Class of 2014 - 180Allie - Class of 2014 - 190Allie - Class of 2014 - 200Allie - Class of 2014 - 205Allie - Class of 2014 - 210Allie - Class of 2014 - 220Allie - Class of 2014 - 230Allie - Class of 2014 - 240Allie - Class of 2014 - 250Allie - Class of 2014 - 260Allie - Class of 2014 - 270Allie - Class of 2014 - 280Allie - Class of 2014 - 290Allie - Class of 2014 - 300Allie - Class of 2014 - 305Allie - Class of 2014 - 315