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Ali & Russell ~ Wedding

Jenn and I were honored to photograph Ali & Russell’s Wedding at one of our favorite Snohomish Wedding Venues, Green Gates at Flowing Lake on 06/28/14.  Our weather was so Pacific Northwest – sunny – rainy – sunny – rainy.  We had to run into the barn / reception hall to photograph our happy couples “First Sight Moment” after it started to pour on the front lawn, & then the rain stopped – go figure!  Ali looked stunning in her vintage-styled dress and Russell was looking debonairre in his light colored summer tux!  Besides Ali & Russell’s incredible family and friends, we were also blessed to work with other amazing vendors during the Wedding, like PJ Parsons (DJ), Cabbage Patch (Catering & Bartending), and Elaine Way (Wedding Officiant).  It was a great day for two people crazy in love to tie the knot, and we were blessed to be a part of it!  Please join me in wishing Ali & Russell a wonderful honeymoon & many years of happiness!

Ali & Russell-200Ali & Russell-202Ali & Russell-204Ali & Russell-205Ali & Russell-206Ali & Russell-208Ali & Russell-209Ali & Russell-210Ali & Russell-211Ali & Russell-220Ali & Russell-222Ali & Russell-225Ali & Russell-233Ali & Russell-235Ali & Russell-237Ali & Russell-240Ali & Russell-250Ali & Russell-255Ali & Russell-260Ali & Russell-265Ali & Russell-270Ali & Russell-280Ali & Russell-292Ali & Russell-300Ali & Russell-310Ali & Russell-320Ali & Russell-330Ali & Russell-340Ali & Russell-345Ali & Russell-350Ali & Russell-355Ali & Russell-360Ali & Russell-370Ali & Russell-371Ali & Russell-372Ali & Russell-375Ali & Russell-376Ali & Russell-378Ali & Russell-380Ali & Russell-390Ali & Russell-400Ali & Russell-410Ali & Russell-420Ali & Russell-430Ali & Russell-440Ali & Russell-450Ali & Russell-460Ali & Russell-470Ali & Russell-480Ali & Russell-490Ali & Russell-500Ali & Russell-510Ali & Russell-520Ali & Russell-530Ali & Russell-535Ali & Russell-537Ali & Russell-540Ali & Russell-545Ali & Russell-550Ali & Russell-552Ali & Russell-555Ali & Russell-565Ali & Russell-570Ali & Russell-573Ali & Russell-574Ali & Russell-575Ali & Russell-580Ali & Russell-590Ali & Russell-600Ali & Russell-610Ali & Russell-620Ali & Russell-630

    Tashina & Mike ~ Maternity

    On 6/23, Rose-Lily met up with Tashina & Mike for a playful Maternity Session at Green Gates at Flowing Lake – one of our favorite Snohomish Wedding Venues (special thanks to Debbie & Kerry for graciously allowing us to shoot on their stunning property)!  We had so much fun shooting these pictures!  Tashina is due in about a month, and she and Mike look so happy about their new family-to-be in these photos!  Tashina & Mike have been married for about 2 years.  Mike is seriously into Jeeps (which makes sense since he works in a 4 Wheel Drive Shop) – that’s why we had a little one cruising around in some of our photos!  Tashina (who works in the Mortgage business & is a part time photographer herself) brought some great ideas to the session that we used to make the pictures turn out fabulously!  Tashina said her favorite thing about being pregnant is feeling her son move around (& her least favorite is having a hard time sleeping)!  Their son is due on 8/5, so family pictures with Rose-Lily are not too far off!  For now, please join me in Congratulating Tashina & Mike on their new baby-to-be & here’s wishing them many years of happiness & joy!

    Tashina & Mike-100Tashina & Mike-110Tashina & Mike-120Tashina & Mike-132Tashina & Mike-140Tashina & Mike-150Tashina & Mike-160Tashina & Mike-180Tashina & Mike-190Tashina & Mike-200Tashina & Mike-210Tashina & Mike-220Tashina & Mike-230Tashina & Mike-240Tashina & Mike-250Tashina & Mike-260Tashina & Mike-270Tashina & Mike-280Tashina & Mike-290Tashina & Mike-300Tashina & Mike-310Tashina & Mike-320



      Alina & Mark ~ Wedding

      Jennifer and I kicked off the 2014 Wedding Season with a bang (well, actually it was the growl of Cougars!) at Alina & Mark’s Wedding at Hidden Meadows on 06/21/14.  It was a beautiful, sun soaked day and all that beautiful light made Hidden Meadows (undeniably one of Snohomish County’s most stunning Wedding venues) come alive!  Alina and Mark and all their friends & family are die hard WSU Cougars & we an had an incredible surprise visit from the ‘Cougar-Cruiser’ thanks to a Tweet from Mark (he had only been a husband for a few hours & was already doing an awesome job – his Bride & all the guests were totally blown away)! Beautiful Day, incredible Wedding Party (loved the ‘Sounders’ swag for their gifts!), fantastic family – it was a perfect Snohomish Wedding!  We also had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of Wedding Vendors, many of whom were our friends from the Snohomish Wedding Guild:

      Hidden Meadows- Ceremony & Reception Site

      EVENTful Moments- Wedding Coordinator

      Flowers by Tiffany- Florist

      Trails End Catering- Caterer & Bar Service

      Otto-Matic Mobile Music- DJ

      Medici Studios – Videographer

      Simply Sweet Cupcakes- Cutting Cake & Cupcakes

      British Motor Coach – Transportation

      Per Dona Salon & Spa – Hair


      We want to especially thank Sarah with EVENTful Moments for being so helpful throughout a long day of shooting – she kept everything on track & went out of her way to take care of the Photographers – Thank you Sarah!  Please join me & wishing Alina & Mark many-many years of Cougar Happiness!

      Alina & Mark-501Alina & Mark-505Alina & Mark-506Alina & Mark-508Alina & Mark-509Alina & Mark-520Alina & Mark-530Alina & Mark-550Alina & Mark-560Alina & Mark-570Alina & Mark-590Alina & Mark-600Alina & Mark-610Alina & Mark-640Alina & Mark-650Alina & Mark-653Alina & Mark-655Alina & Mark-660Alina & Mark-690Alina & Mark-700Alina & Mark-705Alina & Mark-710Alina & Mark-720Alina & Mark-725Alina & Mark-730Alina & Mark-735Alina & Mark-737Alina & Mark-741Alina & Mark-750Alina & Mark-760Alina & Mark-770Alina & Mark-780Alina & Mark-785Alina & Mark-790Alina & Mark-800Alina & Mark-805Alina & Mark-810Alina & Mark-812Alina & Mark-815Alina & Mark-820Alina & Mark-825Alina & Mark-827Alina & Mark-830Alina & Mark-835Alina & Mark-840Alina & Mark-845Alina & Mark-850Alina & Mark-860Alina & Mark-865Alina & Mark-870Alina & Mark-875Alina & Mark-877Alina & Mark-880Alina & Mark-890Alina & Mark-900Alina & Mark-905Alina & Mark-910Alina & Mark-912Alina & Mark-915Alina & Mark-920Alina & Mark-925Alina & Mark-930Alina & Mark-940Alina & Mark-945Alina & Mark-950

      1. Steve Hagestad says:

        Great pics from a great day!!

      2. Nicole Kreck says:

        The pictures look amazing! I can’t wait to see more!

      3. Randi Riesenberg says:

        What a beautiful day!!!

      4. Randi says:

        What a beautiful day!

      5. Evan Davis says:

        Looking good everyone.

      6. Alina Steiner says:

        We are so happy with how all of our photos turned out — this was just a sneak peek! It was wonderful working with Jennifer and Edmund and our guests commented on how the photographers were NOT a distraction during the ceremony — great to hear. Rose Lily offers great quality of work for the price you are paying. Edmund is great to work with and made sure the communication was open during the planning process. I would highly recommend Rose Lily Photography to capture your special day!