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Zerlinda ~ Family Session

We have known Zerlinda for many years.  She owns Laineemeg Bridal in Snohomish and has been a good friend to Rose-Lily Photography as our paths have crossed at countless Weddings throughout Snohomish County over the last 6 or 7 Wedding Seasons.  So when she asked us to photograph her family session with her husband Drew & son Caden, we were honored.  We chose downtown Snohomish as our background and got an amazing variety of shots within only about a 4 block radius of her Bridal Store.  The weather was perfect (scattered sun) and the rain held off – we couldn’t have asked for a better day.  No one who knows these guys can believe how tall Caden is – wow!  And it seemed like it happened overnight – what’s up with that?  Anyway, our day was awesome, the pictures look great & we couldn’t have had more fun!  So from Rose-Lily to Zerlinda, Drew & Caden – Happy Holidays and thank you for your friendship over the years!

Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-101Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-105Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-111Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-115Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-120Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-125Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-130Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-136Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-141Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-145Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-151Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-155Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-160Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-165Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-170Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-175Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-180Zerlinda's Family - FINAL-185

    Joanne ~ Family Session

    Rose-Lily met up with Joanne & Dan and Emily & Ike for an awesome Family Session at Camano Island State Park on 11/23/14!  We started out on the beach, but the wind was too much, so we headed into the woods & wound up with some great results!  The light was perfect and trees provided a natural background that gave our photographs that perfect Pacific Northwest fall feeling, even though it’s a lot closer to Winter.  Our family of 4 did an awesome job, especially the kiddos who had a blast!  Mr. Ike’s interests include politics, boy scouts, swimming and karate.  For Ms. Emily, it’s all about the Dancing (she has a big performance coming up soon)!  It was so great to make these pictures for Joanne & her family and please join me in wishing her, Dan and Ike & Emily a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

    Joanne's Family - FINAL-110Joanne's Family - FINAL-115Joanne's Family - FINAL-120Joanne's Family - FINAL-125Joanne's Family - FINAL-130Joanne's Family - FINAL-135Joanne's Family - FINAL-140Joanne's Family - FINAL-145Joanne's Family - FINAL-150Joanne's Family - FINAL-155Joanne's Family - FINAL-160Joanne's Family - FINAL-165Joanne's Family - FINAL-172Joanne's Family - FINAL-175


      Julie & Dylan ~ Engagement

      Well – “that’s a wrap”!  We could not have ended our 2014 Fall Engagements more spectacularly than by photographing Julie & Dylan at Forest Part in Everett back on 11/09/14!  It was a fantastic session with stunning fall backgrounds & a couple in front of the lens who were very at ease and very in love!  Dylan & Julie met in 2010 at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California while Dylan was stationed there as a Navy Corpsman.   Since then, our happy couple has relocated to Western Washington and made new lives for themselves.  Dylan is studying Mathematics at the University of Washington and Julie is finishing up her student teaching and hopes to land a full time job as an Elementary School teacher in the near future.  To relax in their spare time, our happy couple enjoys scuba diving, watching Red-Box movies and hanging out with their cat ‘Boots’ (her paws are white!).   Their big day is coming up soon!  The Wedding is in February of 2015 at the Rose Hill Community Center at the Mukilteo Ferry Landing (a stunning venue that Jenn & I are very familiar with) and we are honored to be asked to be there on that special day!  So in until then, please join me in wishing Julie & Dylan a big CONGRATULATIONS and here’s to many-many great years to come for our happy couple!

      Julie & Dylan-100Julie & Dylan-110Julie & Dylan-120Julie & Dylan-130Julie & Dylan-140Julie & Dylan-150Julie & Dylan-160Julie & Dylan-170Julie & Dylan-180Julie & Dylan-190Julie & Dylan-200Julie & Dylan-210Julie & Dylan-220Julie & Dylan-225Julie & Dylan-230Julie & Dylan-240Julie & Dylan-250Julie & Dylan-260Julie & Dylan-270Julie & Dylan-280Julie & Dylan-290Julie & Dylan-300Julie & Dylan-310Julie & Dylan-320Julie & Dylan-330Julie & Dylan-340Julie & Dylan-350Julie & Dylan-360Julie & Dylan-370Julie & Dylan-400

      1. Doriann Artley says:

        I absolutely love all the pictures! The setting is absolutely breathtaking and it is perfect for the adventure couple :). You guys are beyond adorable and I can’t wait to see you guys say your vows to each other :)! I’m so excited, congratulations!!!

      2. Joann Hartmann says:

        Love the pix!

      3. Eric Pyka says:

        You guys look great! Congratulations! Can’t wait to be there for your special day :]

      4. Nancy Bulyca Seiber says:

        What a great looking couple! Awesome pictures

      5. Julie Crocetti says:

        Beautiful setting and pictures. Congratulations to both of you!

      6. Jennifer Denise Taunton Ouellette says:

        Gorgeous photos! Congrats, Julie!

      7. Cally Chambers says:

        Love the pictures and soo excited for my bestie to have her happily ever after that she deserves

      8. Cally Chambers says:

        Pictures look great and I’m soo excited for my bestie to have the happily ever after that she deserves.

      9. Shelby Nowak says:

        Great pictures. Love the colors!

      10. Shelby Nowak says:

        Great pictures. Love the colors!

      Melanie & Glen ~ Engagement

      The colors this Fall are just unbelievable!  The warm, rich tones of the leaves perfectly accentuate the love and happiness of the couples in our Engagement Session photographs – like Melanie & Glen.  We met up with Melanie & Glen on 11/02/14 in Everett for a wonderful day of Engagement photography!  We had a blast trying out different ideas and capturing great candid moments as we moved through the session.  Our happy couple first met online about 7 years ago, but then went separate ways.  But they re-connected again about 4 years later after Glen moved back to Seattle, and this time the sparks really started flying, sparks that turned into a fire and are going to turn into a marriage at their Wedding on 09/06/15 at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish.   Glen is works in IT and Melanie is a Biologist.  When they aren’t getting their Engagement pictures taken, they like to go out to eat dumplings, hang out with their cats, read fantasy novels or go to the movies (especially Super Hero movies!).  Melanie’s beautiful Engagement ring was created by their eclectic friend Michael who is really into jewelry design (among other pursuits).   An amazing couple – an amazing day!  Please join me in wishing Melanie & Glen congratulations on their Engagement, their upcoming Wedding and many-many-many years ahead!

      Melanie & Glen-102Melanie & Glen-110Melanie & Glen-120Melanie & Glen-130Melanie & Glen-141Melanie & Glen-150Melanie & Glen-160Melanie & Glen-170Melanie & Glen-180Melanie & Glen-190Melanie & Glen-200Melanie & Glen-210Melanie & Glen-220Melanie & Glen-230Melanie & Glen-240Melanie & Glen-250Melanie & Glen-260Melanie & Glen-270Melanie & Glen-280Melanie & Glen-290Melanie & Glen-300Melanie & Glen-306Melanie & Glen-310Melanie & Glen-331Melanie & Glen-341Melanie & Glen-350Melanie & Glen-360Melanie & Glen-365Melanie & Glen-371Melanie & Glen-501

      1. Jonas VikingDom says:

        You guys look amazing and so happy together. Can’t wait to see you guys again!

      2. Ellen East says:

        Great pictures. It would be so hard to pick a few favorites since they all turned out beautiful.

      3. Shoko says:

        Lovely pictures! Beautiful autumn colors.
        They made me smile while I was on the train;)
        Congratulations both of you!

      4. Clinton says:

        Wow, these are great. Looks like you guys picked a great time to take photos! So much color 😀

      5. Skip Sorensen says:


      6. Darlene mcewen says:

        Wow beautiful pictures we re so happy for u both ily tc

      7. Lisa Kisilevich says:

        Mel & Glen awesome pics!!! Can’t wait till September!!!

      8. Jan Scofield says:

        I love these pictures! They brought tears to my eyes! It is so nice to be able to share the love they feel with these amazing photos. It is good to know true love is alive and well! Wishing our beautiful daughter Melanie and her wonderful fiancé Glen a happily ever after life together!

      9. Brett says:

        Yay Melanie!! So happy for you two. 🙂

      10. Walter Barry Kane says:

        Great Photos! Awesome scenery and you both make the photos even better.

      Kevany & Alan ~ Engagement

      We love photographing Fall Engagement Sessions for our Wedding Couples!  The leaves, the fall fashions, the casual atmosphere & dodging the rain drops – it all adds up to an awesome day of photography!   So when we met up with Kevany & Alan at Alan’s father’s old farm in Redmond, we knew we were in our element!  The location had so many great spots & backgrounds it was hard to go wrong (& working with Kevany & Alan was so much fun)!  They were so relaxed and in love in front of the lens, the pictures practically made themselves!  Highlights of the session were the great fall rain drops, getting to meet their canine companion Lola, clearing the brush & sticker bushes to get the lake shot and making our happy couple crack up!  Kevany & Alan first met about 9 years ago in college, and then again 5 years ago at a 4th of July party – & that’s where the sparks started flying!  Kevany works as a Social Worker and Alan is a student studying Safety & Health Management.  They like taking walks with Lola, hiking, camping on Orcas Island, antiquing, listening to Country Alternative music and eating at Mexican restaurants.  Our happily Engaged couple is set to marry June 27th at Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish, and Jenn & I are honored to be joining them there for a wonderful country Wedding.  Until then, please join me in congratulating Kevany & Alan on their Engagement, Wedding, and many happy years together!

      Kevany & Alan-100Kevany & Alan-105Kevany & Alan-110Kevany & Alan-120Kevany & Alan-130Kevany & Alan-140Kevany & Alan-150Kevany & Alan-155Kevany & Alan-160Kevany & Alan-180Kevany & Alan-190Kevany & Alan-200Kevany & Alan-210Kevany & Alan-220Kevany & Alan-230Kevany & Alan-240Kevany & Alan-250Kevany & Alan-260Kevany & Alan-270Kevany & Alan-280Kevany & Alan-290Kevany & Alan-300Kevany & Alan-305Kevany & Alan-313Kevany & Alan-320Kevany & Alan-330Kevany & Alan-340Kevany & Alan-400

      1. Kevany VanBroekhoven says:

        Love all of our pictures!!! Edmund did a fantastic job!