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Breckin ~ New Born

I was honored to be asked by Siera & her mom Shelley to take some new born photographs last weekend of the latest edition to their family, Siera’s 2 month old son Breckin.  I first met Siera & Shelley when Jenn & I photographed Siera & Andrew’s Wedding at the family home in Monroe in July of 2013.  So fast forward almost 2 years later, and Siera and Andrew (who now live in Michigan) are so happy to have Sir Breckin enter their world & turn their family of 2 into a family of 3!  We had a great session!  We used a mixture of available and strobe lighting & got some amazing results!  Love the Bear rug (there’s a story behind that involving Siera on a hunting trip with her Dad, a rifle and a Bear that got a little too close)!  It was a great day & we had so much fun working with Breckin!  Please join me in wishing Siera & Andrew and their families a huge Congratulations on Breckin’s arrival!

Siera & Breckin-110Siera & Breckin-120Siera & Breckin-130Siera & Breckin-140Siera & Breckin-150Siera & Breckin-160Siera & Breckin-165Siera & Breckin-170Siera & Breckin-180Siera & Breckin-185Siera & Breckin-190Siera & Breckin-200Siera & Breckin-210Siera & Breckin-220Siera & Breckin-230Siera & Breckin-240Siera & Breckin-250



    Samantha & Matthew

    Rose-Lily met up with Samantha & Matthew last week for a wonderful Engagement Session at UW Arboretum!  It was actually raining when we pulled up, but then very quickly the rain gave way to direct sunlight.  The flowering trees and grounds of the Arboretum were stunning!  We walked, laughed and took some great images amidst an amazing background of natural beauty!  As for our happy couple themselves, Samantha & Matthew first met at Laurus College in San Luis Obispo, California, about 7 years ago.  Their friendship grew into romance & the rest is history!  They returned to the Pacific NW after college, where they now enjoy hiking, video games & Asian Food (as well as spending time with their Cocker Spaniel ‘Lily’).  We are set to meet up with our happy couple again on 07/31/15 for their special Wedding Day at Craven Farms in Snohomish.  Until then, please join me in wishing Samantha & Matthew Congratulations on their current Engagement & their upcoming Wedding-to-be!

    Sam & Matt-110Sam & Matt-120Sam & Matt-130Sam & Matt-140Sam & Matt-150Sam & Matt-161Sam & Matt-170Sam & Matt-180Sam & Matt-190Sam & Matt-200Sam & Matt-210Sam & Matt-230Sam & Matt-240Sam & Matt-250Sam & Matt-260Sam & Matt-270Sam & Matt-281Sam & Matt-290Sam & Matt-300Sam & Matt-310

    1. Gwendolyn Roberts says:

      Congrats Sam and Matt to you! The pics serve well to a story book start:) Blessings of prosperity to you both!

    2. Gwendolyn Roberts says:

      Congratulations to the most beautiful couple, with most beautiful photographs, in the most beautiful setting! Such a storybook start for a new family!

    3. Donna L Turner says:

      What wonderful photos to mark your special moments. You’re getting your family story off to a memorable start.

    4. Ogo Agbo says:

      Congratulations and God bless!!

    5. Billy Houck says:

      Congratulations to the happy couple!

    6. Carlton Turner says:

      Beautiful pictures and lots of love. May that grow with them all the years.

    7. Carlton Turner says:

      Beautiful pictures and lots of love.

    8. Elizabeth Turner says:

      I am so blessed to have Samantha as my soon to be sister-in-law!! Matthew is the best big brother I could ask for!! These pictures are beautiful!! I love you both so much and will see you two soon!

    The Girls visit the Museum of Flight!

    So last Saturday Katie Rose & I met up with our friend Tyler and his daughters Ella & Madison for an awesome afternoon at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.  We started our adventure with yummy cheeseburgers at Randy’s Restaurant (loved all the vintage models & pilots’ gear) and then wandered next door to check out the airplanes!  The girls had a blast & Tyler (who’s a pilot himself) was able to provide incredible narration as we went about our tour!  Highlights included the girls looking down at Earth from the payload bay of the Space Shuttle, Katie Rose & Ella both piloting an F-15 at the same time & watching a passenger plane from Air Canada take off from Boeing Field (+ the toys in the gift shop!)  We had a great day & made some great memories!

    Museum of Flight-110Museum of Flight-115Museum of Flight-120Museum of Flight-125Museum of Flight-130Museum of Flight-135Museum of Flight-140Museum of Flight-145Museum of Flight-150Museum of Flight-155Museum of Flight-160Museum of Flight-165Museum of Flight-170Museum of Flight-175Museum of Flight-180Museum of Flight-185Museum of Flight-190Museum of Flight-196Museum of Flight-200Museum of Flight-202Museum of Flight-203Museum of Flight-205Museum of Flight-210Museum of Flight-215Museum of Flight-220

    1. Teresa Redd says:

      Love all of these! They’re fabulous:)

    Stacey & Jason ~ Engagement

    Rose-Lily met up with Stacey & Jason last Saturday, 2/21 at Deception Pass for an awesome Engagement Session set against the amazing beauty of the Pacific Northwest!  Stacey & Jason first met in High School in Ohio, & then met up again about a year & a half ago, and the sparks started flying!  Jason has a career in the military and Stacey is a Nurse.  They are both huge fans of Ohio State (hence the “O H I O” photo at the end of the set – Go Buckeyes!).  Stacey & Jason are the proud parents of a 3 mos old baby girl (Ella Ann) & Jason has a 3yo son (Mason) from prior relationship, so when our happy couple marries in Ohio this September, it’s going to be an instant family!  When they are not parenting the kiddos, Stacey & Jason like going out for Italian food, listening to live Country Music & enjoying some cold beer!  After the September Wedding in Ohio, it’s back to Washington State for our transplanted couple to begin their new married lives together!  It was a privilege to work with Stacey & Jason, and although we regret not being able to drive over to Ohio to photograph the Wedding, please join us in wishing them both a wonderful Wedding & many-many happy years together!

    Stacey & Jason-101Stacey & Jason-105Stacey & Jason-110Stacey & Jason-115Stacey & Jason-120Stacey & Jason-122Stacey & Jason-124Stacey & Jason-126Stacey & Jason-128Stacey & Jason-130Stacey & Jason-132Stacey & Jason-134Stacey & Jason-136Stacey & Jason-137Stacey & Jason-139Stacey & Jason-142Stacey & Jason-144Stacey & Jason-146Stacey & Jason-148Stacey & Jason-150Stacey & Jason-152Stacey & Jason-154Stacey & Jason-156Stacey & Jason-158Stacey & Jason-160Stacey & Jason-162Stacey & Jason-164Stacey & Jason-166Stacey & Jason-168Stacey & Jason-170Stacey & Jason-172Stacey & Jason-174