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2015 Snohomish Wedding Tour

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Jennifer & I are so excited to be participating for our 5th year in the Snohomish Wedding Tour! We will be at Green Gates & Flowing Lake from 10-5 on 5/31 & look forward to a wonderful day of making new friends & seeing some old ones!  See you there!


    Chris, Kate & Harrison ~ Family

    Rose-Lily met with Chris, Kate & Harrison on 4/26 for a fun Family Session at Hillcrest Park in Mount Vernon!  Harrison’s BIG 1 Year B-Day was coming up so we grabbed to party shots for his invite as well as doing some nice Family groupings in the beautiful shaded light of the park!  This was Chris & Kate’s first Family Session with Harrison & we had a blast!  Harrison’s best part of the day was definitely playing in the basket & on the playground equipment!   He is a young man on the move (& he kept us all on our toes)!  Thanks Chris & Kate for the chance to work with you & Harrison – we made some wonderful memories!

    Chris, Kate & Harrison-101Chris, Kate & Harrison-103Chris, Kate & Harrison-105Chris, Kate & Harrison-115Chris, Kate & Harrison-120Chris, Kate & Harrison-125Chris, Kate & Harrison-130Chris, Kate & Harrison-135Chris, Kate & Harrison-140Chris, Kate & Harrison-145Chris, Kate & Harrison-150Chris, Kate & Harrison-155Chris, Kate & Harrison-160Chris, Kate & Harrison-165Chris, Kate & Harrison-170

      Holly & Brent ~ Engagement

      Rose-Lily caught up with Holly & Brent last weekend on 4/26 at the UW Arboretum for an amazing afternoon of fun & photography!  We had great light and took full advantage of the stunning scenery at the Arboretum to photograph our happy couple’s Engagement Session.  Holly & Brent met through friends 3 years ago at a Mariner’s season opener & it’s fitting that they met at an athletic event since they are both athletes!  They are both avid runners and recently completed the Seattle Marathon.   When they aren’t running (or working) they enjoy walking their dog (Simon), eating pizza & ice cream, going to Starbucks, camping, drinking a cold beer, listening to classic rock and spending time with Brent’s 6yo daughter, Isabelle!  Their wedding is just around the corner on 09/26/15 at Green Gates at Flowing Lake (one of our favor Snohomish Wedding Venues), so please join us in Congratulating Holly & Brent & here’s wishing them many-many happy days ahead!

      Holly & Brent-110Holly & Brent-113Holly & Brent-115Holly & Brent-120Holly & Brent-125Holly & Brent-130Holly & Brent-135Holly & Brent-140Holly & Brent-145Holly & Brent-150Holly & Brent-155Holly & Brent-160Holly & Brent-165Holly & Brent-170Holly & Brent-175Holly & Brent-180Holly & Brent-185Holly & Brent-190Holly & Brent-195Holly & Brent-200Holly & Brent-205Holly & Brent-210Holly & Brent-215Holly & Brent-220Holly & Brent-225Holly & Brent-230Holly & Brent-235Holly & Brent-240Holly & Brent-245Holly & Brent-250Holly & Brent-255Holly & Brent-260Holly & Brent-265Holly & Brent-270Holly & Brent-275Holly & Brent-280


      1. Kathryn R. Martin says:

        Stunning! These photos make me so happy!

      2. Rebecca French says:

        They turned out fantastic! You guys are the best!

      3. Sue Piasecki Jones says:

        Great photos! They’re all so good! So excited for you guys and can’t wait to celebrate with you!

      4. Kelly Balzer says:

        These are really, really cute! You guys look great! Can’t pick just one…that’s for sure!!

      5. Diane French says:

        I really like the rhododendron pretty colors. The one I likeis the two that show your reflection in the water. Of course they are all very nice.

      6. Debbie says:

        Beautiful!!! LOVE! So happy for you! I love the ones with the & and the ones with the coffee. 🙂

      7. Michelle Manza says:

        You two are so cute!! I love the bridge pictures the best. And what an amazing day for photos!

      8. Jennie Dorsett says:

        Great photos! Congrats!!

      9. Jill Tucci Holt says:

        So many great ones! I love the candid ones, I hope you have lots of available wall space!

      10. Sharene says:

        Love the pictures! They are beautiful!