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The Johnsons ~ Family Session

Rose-Lily photographed a wonderful Family Session with the Johnson Family at a private barn in Arlington on 07/09/15!  Family members came together from as close as Mount Vernon and as far as the East Coast to be a part of this special session!  Highlights were the patriotic stars they used as props, the beautiful farm house we used a background for many of our photographs, the great energy of the kiddos and their little baby-boy who did a perfect job posing for professional portraits!  Great day – great family – great photographs!  Thank you Johnsons!

Melissa's Family -100Melissa's Family -110Melissa's Family -120Melissa's Family -130Melissa's Family -140Melissa's Family -150Melissa's Family -160Melissa's Family -170Melissa's Family -180Melissa's Family -190Melissa's Family -200Melissa's Family -210Melissa's Family -220Melissa's Family -230Melissa's Family -240Melissa's Family -250Melissa's Family -260Melissa's Family -270Melissa's Family -280Melissa's Family -290


    Diana & Ken ~ Wedding

    Ashley and I were so honored to be invited to be a part of Diana & Ken’s special day at the Camano Island Inn on 07/18/15!  The weather was great, the vistas were stunning and the day was incredible!  Diana & Ken both have adult children who also played a very special role in the day (as did a couple of their awesome Grand Kids – Diana has 1 & Ken has 7 with one on the way)!  Ken had a 23 year military career and retired as a 1st Sgt. from the US Army (today he works as a mail carrier) & Diana has been working with the Clerk’s Department for a local court for the past 23 years.  Their wedding was absolutely amazing since Diana has experience making Wedding Cakes and was able to use her talents to create her own Wedding Cake, baked goodies, favorites & décor for her own Wedding – incredible!  Please join us in wishing Diana & Ken many-many happy years together & here are a few of the other great Wedding Professionals / Businesses that helped make the day perfect!

    Diana’s Dress & Bridesmaids Dresses:  David’s Bridal

    Ken & Groomsmen’s tuxes:  The Tux Shop

    Rings:  The Shane Company

    Catering:  The Camano Island Inn

    DJ:  Taylor Sound

    Officiant:  Judge Richard J. Thorpe (Ret.)

    Diana & Ken-100Diana & Ken-110Diana & Ken-120Diana & Ken-130Diana & Ken-135Diana & Ken-140Diana & Ken-150Diana & Ken-160Diana & Ken-170Diana & Ken-180Diana & Ken-190Diana & Ken-200Diana & Ken-210Diana & Ken-220Diana & Ken-225Diana & Ken-230Diana & Ken-237Diana & Ken-240Diana & Ken-250Diana & Ken-260Diana & Ken-270Diana & Ken-280Diana & Ken-290Diana & Ken-300Diana & Ken-310Diana & Ken-320Diana & Ken-325Diana & Ken-330Diana & Ken-340Diana & Ken-350Diana & Ken-360Diana & Ken-370Diana & Ken-380Diana & Ken-390Diana & Ken-400Diana & Ken-410Diana & Ken-420Diana & Ken-430Diana & Ken-440Diana & Ken-450Diana & Ken-460Diana & Ken-470Diana & Ken-475Diana & Ken-480Diana & Ken-490Diana & Ken-500Diana & Ken-510Diana & Ken-515Diana & Ken-517Diana & Ken-520Diana & Ken-530Diana & Ken-535Diana & Ken-537Diana & Ken-540Diana & Ken-550Diana & Ken-560Diana & Ken-570Diana & Ken-580Diana & Ken-590Diana & Ken-595Diana & Ken-600Diana & Ken-610Diana & Ken-620Diana & Ken-630Diana & Ken-640Diana & Ken-660Diana & Ken-670Diana & Ken-680Diana & Ken-690Diana & Ken-700Diana & Ken-710Diana & Ken-720Diana & Ken-800

    1. Sue Vilella says:

      Kenny and Diane thanks for sharing your story wedding. I wasn’t there but each time I look at these pictures I feel like I was there. It’s nice you’ve stayed in touch through out the years. Again many years of happiness. Wilma.

    2. Rebecca Mentoring LaPointe says:

      Wonderfully captured moments!

    3. Wynee Otsuka says:

      Great photos. Everyone looks so beautiful.

    4. MomPop TheUmetsus says:

      I forgot to ask “why do the kids call you poppa”? as in Too late Poppa, here she comes?

    5. James Schwanitz says:

      Awesome photos Edmund and Ashley…and you had an AWESOME couple to do your photo shoot. Can’t wait to see the rest..either here or…if I can ever get Prince Ken to leave Princess Diana’s side for a few hours maybe in person. Wait…I’ll just invite them to dinner as a little wedding present!!..then I will get to see both of them and the pictures. Again…wonderful photos of a wonderful and great couple. Great job!!!

    6. Diane Rugh says:

      The photos capture everything of the joyful event; the stunning setting, details of the cake, wedding rings, decorated tables and the happiness eminating from this couple and their friends and family. Photographic art!

    7. Sheree Umetsu says:

      Great Photos! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos. 🙂

    8. Jason Umetsu says:

      Awesome time with family. Had a great time thanks for sharing this special moment with us.

    9. Edmund Smith says:

      Thank you everyone for your kind comments! Ashley and I were honored to be a part of Diana & Ken’s special day and it was a priviledge to meet all of you on their special day!

    10. Diana Nishimoto says:

      You and Ashley did a phenomenal job!! Thank you for all your hard work:)

    Denise & Russell ~ Wedding

    Jenn & I were honored to be asked to photograph Denise & Russell’s Wedding at a private residence on Samish Island on 07/11/15!  We were so amazed to discover a little bit of Scotland right here in Skagit County!  Russell’s family has strong ties to their Scottish ancestry and our happy couple’s Wedding theme reflected this in such a wonderful way (& we even learned what a “sporran” is)!  Denise & Russell (and their family & friends) were so wonderful to work with!  We dodged some rain drops (which is a sign of good luck on your Wedding day in Scotland & Ireland), but otherwise had perfect overcast light & we got a nice break from the heat!  As with any great Wedding, there were many other fantastic Wedding Event Professionals that helped to make the day perfect (Denise made her own bouquet btw – how incredible it that), & here they are:

    Denise’s Wedding Dress:  David’s Bridal

    Russell’s Traditional Formal Kilt:  Kilt Rental USA

    Rings:  Weisfield Jewelers

    Bag Piper:  Neil Hubbard

    Catering:  Max Dales Steak & Chop House

    DJ:  DJ Hiedi

    Please join me in wishing Denise & Russell many-many happy years together with this traditional Scottish saying:  “May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light.  May good luck pursue you each morning and night”!  Congratulations again to you both form Rose-Lily!

    Denise & Russell-101Denise & Russell-110Denise & Russell-120Denise & Russell-131Denise & Russell-140Denise & Russell-145Denise & Russell-147Denise & Russell-150Denise & Russell-160Denise & Russell-170Denise & Russell-180Denise & Russell-190Denise & Russell-195Denise & Russell-200Denise & Russell-210Denise & Russell-217Denise & Russell-220Denise & Russell-230Denise & Russell-240Denise & Russell-250Denise & Russell-260Denise & Russell-270Denise & Russell-281Denise & Russell-290Denise & Russell-300Denise & Russell-310Denise & Russell-320Denise & Russell-330Denise & Russell-336Denise & Russell-340Denise & Russell-350Denise & Russell-360Denise & Russell-370Denise & Russell-380Denise & Russell-390Denise & Russell-400Denise & Russell-405Denise & Russell-410Denise & Russell-420Denise & Russell-432Denise & Russell-435Denise & Russell-440Denise & Russell-450Denise & Russell-460Denise & Russell-470Denise & Russell-475Denise & Russell-477Denise & Russell-480Denise & Russell-485Denise & Russell-490Denise & Russell-500Denise & Russell-510Denise & Russell-520Denise & Russell-525Denise & Russell-527Denise & Russell-529Denise & Russell-530Denise & Russell-531Denise & Russell-540Denise & Russell-550Denise & Russell-560

    1. Denise Mullen McDonald says:

      What a fun day that was! Rose Lily photography did an amazing job. We are so thankful to have found them.

    Ali & Russell ~ Maternity

    Rose-Lily caught up with Ali & Russell (one of our 2014 Wedding Couples btw!) for an exciting Maternity Session at Legion Park in Everett back on 07/05/15!  The Arboretum at Legion Park is a stunning location with beautiful scenery and great shaded light!  Ali & Russell brought some exciting props & cool outfits for their first big photo session with Ms. Elliana (whose official arrival is set for next month).  It was a great day for this wonderful session – we had a blast!  Check out these highlights!

    Ali & Russell-110Ali & Russell-120Ali & Russell-130Ali & Russell-140Ali & Russell-150Ali & Russell-160Ali & Russell-170Ali & Russell-180Ali & Russell-190Ali & Russell-200Ali & Russell-210Ali & Russell-215Ali & Russell-230Ali & Russell-240Ali & Russell-250Ali & Russell-260Ali & Russell-270Ali & Russell-280Ali & Russell-290Ali & Russell-300


    1. Edmund Smith says:

      Thanks again for a great day of Maternity Photography and Congratulations again on the expected arrival of Ms. Elliana!

    Kevany & Alan ~ Wedding

    Rose-Lily was honored to photograph Kevany & Alan’s beautiful Wedding at Lord Hill Farms on June 27, 2015.  The news reports said we could expect record breaking heat that day, but we were able to use shade to stay cool (having the dancing portion of the reception outside was a pretty ‘cool’ idea as well)!  Kevany & Alan’s family and friends were amazing to work with & their ‘country-style’ theme blended in perfectly with Lord Hill Farms, one of Snohomish County’s most well renown & beautiful rustic Wedding venues.  Everything went off without a hitch & Jenn and I had a fantastic time working with Kevany & Alan over the course of their special day.  As always, we were only one of several other incredible Wedding Event Professionals that played a role in our couple’s special day, and we want to acknowledge them here, as well as send out a huge CONGRALATIONS to Kevany & Alan and wish them many-many happy years together!

     Dress:  Laineemeg Bridal

    Rings:  Fred Meyer Jewelers

    Floral Arrangements:  Contemporary Floral

    Wedding Cake:  The Cake Walk Shop

    DJ:  Sounds Unlimited

    Catering:  Lord Hill Farms

    Limousine Service:  Blackstone Limousine

    Kevany & Alan-100Kevany & Alan-110Kevany & Alan-130Kevany & Alan-135Kevany & Alan-140Kevany & Alan-150Kevany & Alan-155Kevany & Alan-160Kevany & Alan-162Kevany & Alan-164Kevany & Alan-166Kevany & Alan-180Kevany & Alan-190Kevany & Alan-200Kevany & Alan-210Kevany & Alan-220Kevany & Alan-230Kevany & Alan-240Kevany & Alan-250Kevany & Alan-262Kevany & Alan-271Kevany & Alan-280Kevany & Alan-291Kevany & Alan-301Kevany & Alan-311Kevany & Alan-320Kevany & Alan-330Kevany & Alan-341Kevany & Alan-350Kevany & Alan-360Kevany & Alan-370Kevany & Alan-380Kevany & Alan-390Kevany & Alan-395Kevany & Alan-401Kevany & Alan-410Kevany & Alan-420Kevany & Alan-426Kevany & Alan-430Kevany & Alan-450Kevany & Alan-455Kevany & Alan-460Kevany & Alan-470Kevany & Alan-480Kevany & Alan-490Kevany & Alan-500Kevany & Alan-520Kevany & Alan-522Kevany & Alan-540Kevany & Alan-550Kevany & Alan-560Kevany & Alan-570Kevany & Alan-575Kevany & Alan-580Kevany & Alan-590Kevany & Alan-595Kevany & Alan-600Kevany & Alan-610Kevany & Alan-620Kevany & Alan-630Kevany & Alan-640Kevany & Alan-650Kevany & Alan-660Kevany & Alan-670Kevany & Alan-680Kevany & Alan-692Kevany & Alan-700Kevany & Alan-710Kevany & Alan-720Kevany & Alan-730Kevany & Alan-740Kevany & Alan-745Kevany & Alan-750Kevany & Alan-760Kevany & Alan-770Kevany & Alan-780Kevany & Alan-790Kevany & Alan-800Kevany & Alan-810Kevany & Alan-820Kevany & Alan-830

    Kevany & Alan-840Kevany & Alan-862


    1. Kim Schreiber VanBroekhoven says:

      The most beautiful, creative, Wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much. My daughter, Kevany and husband Alan, really picked the best. Kim vanBroekhoven

    2. Kevany Shults says:

      Edmond you did a beautiful job. Can’t wait to see the rest of them. Thanks for dealing with that heat. Terri Alan’s Mom