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Larry & Laresa

Rose-Lily met up with Larry & Laresa and their blended kiddos (Abby, Alayna & McKenzie) back on 10/11/15 at the Northern State Recreation Area in Sedro Woolley for an Engagement / Family Session.  The light was perfect and we were able to talk Mother Nature into holding off on the rain (thanks Mother Nature)! We love shooting at the NSRA!  Every time we do a session their we discover something new – it’s an incredible place for photography!  So our happy couple met 3 years ago online, got Engaged last April and will be tying the knot at Tazer Valley Farms in Stanwood on 07/09/16.  Larry & Laresa and their kiddos enjoy camping, movies and Chinese food (& hanging out with their Chickens, Dogs, Cat & Fish)!   We had a lot of fun on this special day & that energy is captured in these photographs!  Please join us in wishing our happy couple ‘Congratulations’ on their special day next July & here’s wishing them many-many happy years ahead!

Larry & Leresa-105Larry & Leresa-107Larry & Leresa-110Larry & Leresa-115Larry & Leresa-118Larry & Leresa-120Larry & Leresa-125Larry & Leresa-127Larry & Leresa-130Larry & Leresa-135Larry & Leresa-140Larry & Leresa-145Larry & Leresa-150Larry & Leresa-155Larry & Leresa-160Larry & Leresa-165Larry & Leresa-170Larry & Leresa-175Larry & Leresa-180Larry & Leresa-185Larry & Leresa-190Larry & Leresa-200Larry & Leresa-205Larry & Leresa-210Larry & Leresa-215Larry & Leresa-220Larry & Leresa-225Larry & Leresa-230Larry & Leresa-235Larry & Leresa-241Larry & Leresa-245Larry & Leresa-246Larry & Leresa-247Larry & Leresa-250Larry & Leresa-255Larry & Leresa-265Larry & Leresa-270Larry & Leresa-275

  1. Kat Meads says:

    Wow these are great! Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Vicky Post says:

    Beautiful pics! Beautiful family 🙂

  3. Adrienne Schmuck says:

    Love the pictures!!! They are beautiful. Congrats to you all

  4. Dawn Hyatt says:

    Love the pics! Beautiful family!!!

  5. Ashley Black says:

    Love all these pictures!!

  6. Laresa Petersen Ray says:


Kathy’s Family Session

Rose-Lily met up with Kathy, Brian, Amanda (17), Aaron (14) and Matthew (9) for a stunning fall Family Session at Forest Park in Everett back on 10/04/15!  Our happy family looked incredible set against the beautiful fall leaves & the amazing late afternoon light.   When they aren’t having professional photos taken, Kathy’s Family enjoys hiking, skiing and going to the movies!  Kathy did a great job helping everyone with their outfits and the different settings in park made for the perfect Family Session!  Check out these amazing highlight images from our fall Family Session!

Kathy's Family-100Kathy's Family-103Kathy's Family-105Kathy's Family-120Kathy's Family-125Kathy's Family-130Kathy's Family-135Kathy's Family-140Kathy's Family-145Kathy's Family-155Kathy's Family-150Kathy's Family-160Kathy's Family-165Kathy's Family-170Kathy's Family-175

    Amanda ~ Class of 2016

    It was so fantastic to work with Amanda back on 10/04/15 for her Senior Session in Everett.  Amanda is graduating this Spring (2016) from Marysville-Pillchuck High School & then heading off next fall to study Civil Engineering at either the University of Idaho or Montana State (not sure which one yet – stay tuned)!  Here are some of Amanda’s likes:  Country Music (Carrie Underwood particularly), ‘Butter Chicken’ (an Indian dish that sounds amazing!), hanging out with her friends, Skiing, Singing & playing Basketball.  She did an incredible  job with this session and I think these images really capture her positive, outgoing personality!  Please join me in wishing Amanda congratulations on her upcoming graduation as part of the class of 2016 & here’s wishing her the best of luck on her future endeavors in college & down the road of life!

    Amanda - Class of 2016-110Amanda - Class of 2016-115Amanda - Class of 2016-121Amanda - Class of 2016-125Amanda - Class of 2016-130Amanda - Class of 2016-135Amanda - Class of 2016-140Amanda - Class of 2016-145Amanda - Class of 2016-150Amanda - Class of 2016-155Amanda - Class of 2016-157Amanda - Class of 2016-160Amanda - Class of 2016-175Amanda - Class of 2016-180Amanda - Class of 2016-185Amanda - Class of 2016-190Amanda - Class of 2016-195Amanda - Class of 2016-200Amanda - Class of 2016-205Amanda - Class of 2016-210Amanda - Class of 2016-215Amanda - Class of 2016-220Amanda - Class of 2016-230Amanda - Class of 2016-235Amanda - Class of 2016-240Amanda - Class of 2016-243Amanda - Class of 2016-245


      Shauntel & Thomas ~ Wedding

      Rose-Lily met up with Shauntel & Thomas back on 10/03/15 for an incredible Wedding at Eaglemont Golf Course in Mount Vernon.  All the planning & hard work finally paid off as our Happy Couple pulled off one of the most amazing Weddings we’ve been a part of this season!  Ashley & I were blown away by the level of detail that Shauntel & Thomas had at the Wedding – all the way down to the FSU Cake (we had some serious Florida State University fans at this Wedding!) & engraved fork set!  Perfect light, a really fun ride in the golf carts and a rockin’ reception made the day one for the books!  As always, there are several professional colleagues we want to acknowledge for their contributions to this amazing day:

      Shauntel’s Wedding Dress: Bellevue Bridal

      Bridesmaid’s Dresses:  David’s Bridal

      Thomas’ & Groomsmen’s Formal Suits:  Men’s Wearhouse

      Wedding Rings: Shane Co.  & Robbins Bros.

      Floral Arrangements: Enchanted Florists

      Catering:  Eaglemont Golf Course

      DJ:  Whatcom Sound

      Wedding Cake: Xtra Special Cakes

      Cupcakes & Pies: Snohomish Pie Company

       Please join me in wishing Shauntel & Thomas CONGRATULATIONS & many happy years together in their new married life!

      Shauntel & Thomas-110Shauntel & Thomas-116Shauntel & Thomas-120Shauntel & Thomas-125Shauntel & Thomas-130Shauntel & Thomas-135Shauntel & Thomas-140Shauntel & Thomas-145Shauntel & Thomas-150Shauntel & Thomas-155Shauntel & Thomas-160Shauntel & Thomas-165Shauntel & Thomas-170Shauntel & Thomas-175Shauntel & Thomas-180Shauntel & Thomas-185Shauntel & Thomas-187Shauntel & Thomas-190Shauntel & Thomas-195Shauntel & Thomas-200Shauntel & Thomas-210Shauntel & Thomas-215Shauntel & Thomas-220Shauntel & Thomas-225Shauntel & Thomas-230Shauntel & Thomas-235Shauntel & Thomas-240Shauntel & Thomas-245Shauntel & Thomas-247Shauntel & Thomas-250Shauntel & Thomas-255Shauntel & Thomas-260Shauntel & Thomas-265Shauntel & Thomas-270Shauntel & Thomas-273Shauntel & Thomas-275Shauntel & Thomas-280Shauntel & Thomas-285Shauntel & Thomas-290Shauntel & Thomas-295Shauntel & Thomas-300Shauntel & Thomas-305Shauntel & Thomas-310Shauntel & Thomas-315Shauntel & Thomas-320Shauntel & Thomas-325Shauntel & Thomas-326Shauntel & Thomas-327Shauntel & Thomas-330Shauntel & Thomas-335Shauntel & Thomas-340Shauntel & Thomas-345Shauntel & Thomas-350Shauntel & Thomas-355Shauntel & Thomas-357Shauntel & Thomas-360Shauntel & Thomas-365Shauntel & Thomas-370Shauntel & Thomas-375Shauntel & Thomas-380Shauntel & Thomas-385Shauntel & Thomas-390Shauntel & Thomas-395Shauntel & Thomas-400Shauntel & Thomas-405Shauntel & Thomas-410Shauntel & Thomas-415Shauntel & Thomas-418Shauntel & Thomas-420Shauntel & Thomas-423Shauntel & Thomas-425Shauntel & Thomas-430Shauntel & Thomas-440Shauntel & Thomas-450Shauntel & Thomas-455Shauntel & Thomas-460Shauntel & Thomas-465Shauntel & Thomas-470Shauntel & Thomas-475Shauntel & Thomas-480Shauntel & Thomas-485Shauntel & Thomas-490Shauntel & Thomas-495Shauntel & Thomas-500Shauntel & Thomas-505Shauntel & Thomas-510Shauntel & Thomas-515Shauntel & Thomas-520Shauntel & Thomas-525Shauntel & Thomas-530Shauntel & Thomas-535Shauntel & Thomas-537Shauntel & Thomas-540Shauntel & Thomas-545Shauntel & Thomas-550Shauntel & Thomas-555Shauntel & Thomas-560Shauntel & Thomas-563Shauntel & Thomas-565Shauntel & Thomas-575Shauntel & Thomas-577Shauntel & Thomas-580Shauntel & Thomas-585Shauntel & Thomas-590

      1. Alysha Gregg says:

        Perfect pictures to capture the perfect wedding! Shauntel you made one beautiful bride and Thomas made a very handsome groom!

      2. Victoria Henderson says:

        Amazing!!! Love all the photos, you look beautiful!!

      3. Sue Mountain says:

        What a picture perfect day. The wedding details were incredible and I love the intimacy of each one. Your venue couldn’t have been more perfect for your backdrop. Beautiful bride and handsome groom = one stunning couple!

      4. Susannah Atwood says:


      5. Dee Meeler says:

        Absolutely beautiful!!! I hate it we had to miss it! You did a wonderful job planning this wonderful day down to every detail! Congrats to you both!!

      6. Jessica Ripley says:

        Youre wedding was beautifully captured. All the details were perfectly picked. And the couple was stunning

      7. Ashley Sivels says:

        THESE PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like so stunning, each one!!

      8. Jessica Ingle says:

        What a beautiful couple – and such a fun wedding!

      9. Amalia Voiss says:

        Perfect! Beautiful! Gorgeous! So fun!

      Michael ~ Class of 2016

      RLP Seniors met up with Michael back on 9/27/15 for an amazing Senior Session in Arlington at River Meadows Park!  We walked the grounds and found some spots for pictures that were absolutely perfect!  Michael’s home schooled, but part of the Track Team at Arlington High School, so we were sure to feature his Cross Country Gear (i.e. “XC”) during our session!  When Michael isn’t running, he likes to listen to ’21 Pilots’, play the piano, walk his dog Snickers, chow down on steak & potatoes or go hiking.  He’s planning to study Engineering at College next year, but until then – he’s going to keep on running!  We had great light & a great day (thanks for your assistance RoCherra!) – check out these awesome highlights!

      Michael Barene-105Michael Barene-110Michael Barene-115Michael Barene-120Michael Barene-125Michael Barene-130Michael Barene-133Michael Barene-135Michael Barene-140Michael Barene-145Michael Barene-150Michael Barene-155Michael Barene-160Michael Barene-165Michael Barene-170Michael Barene-175Michael Barene-180Michael Barene-185Michael Barene-190Michael Barene-195Michael Barene-200Michael Barene-205Michael Barene-210Michael Barene-215Michael Barene-220