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Melanie & Zach ~ Engagement

Rose-Lily met up with Melanie & Zach at Washington Park in Anacortes  back on 04/17/16 for a scenic Engagement Session on the beach!  The couple’s canine companion Ty (a Pit Bull mix) joined us for the festivities, however they elected to leave their Kitty (‘Ser Pounce’) back at the abode.  We were blessed with beautiful sunlight and bright shadows, making the day perfect for photography!  Melanie & Zach first met 4 years ago through friends and have been going strong ever since!  Their first date was going to see the Broadway Musical ‘Wicked’ in Seattle, and over the years they have been to many more shows as well!  When they aren’t in the city catching a show, our happy couple enjoys fishing, camping and traveling!  Zach (who works in IT) and Melanie (whose a Program Assistant for a Mental Health Program) have now been Engaged for about a year and are getting very excited about the August Wedding at Greenfield Farm & Garden (also in Anacortes)!  So for now, please join me in wishing Melanie & Zach a big CONGRATULATIONS on their Engagement, and here’s wishing them many-many-many happy years together!




    Karen & Paolo ~ Engagement

    Rose-Lily had the most incredible afternoon of Engagement Photography with Karen & Paolo back on 04/23/16!  Our Paolo popped the question at ‘The Great Wheel’ in Seattle, so of course we started our day there & then moved around to some other great locations too (like Golden Gardens in Ballard & a local coffee shop)!  I asked Karen to tell us more about her and Paolo, and here’s what she said:

    “We met on November 22, 2015.  My friend, Bobby, thought that we would be a good match so she introduced the two of us!  She arranged a night out for the three of us, however, we ended having two of Bobby’s girl friends that night.  So, Paolo had to entertain all the four ladies with him  and survived the night with the girls. We have been engaged for nine months! Time is definitely going by so fast.  Both of us enjoy shopping, which makes us a very dangerous combination when we are at the mall!  We also like to go the park and play with our dog, Vinnie. And lastly, we love delicious food and enjoy trying out new restaurants and go out on coffee dates. We actually don’t have a favorite food but we both love good food! We enjoy trying new restaurants and visiting places with high Yelp reviews!  Recently, Paolo and I have been exploring restaurants that focus on fusion food with a Pacific Northwest twist, such as Joule, Revel, and Pomerol.  As for music, we don’t really have much preference. We listen to a variety of music, from pop to hiphop, contemporary to bosa nova.  Paolo is in health informatics management while I’m an attorney.”

    What an incredible story & what an incredible couple!  We loved Karen’s ideas for the shoot and the couples outfits were a perfect match for the variety of settings we found ourselves in!  All & all – a perfect day!  And here’s the pictures to prove it!






      Jacquelynn & Matt ~ Engagement

      Rose-Lily caught up with Jacquelynn & Matt at Rasar State Park back on 04/10/16 for an awesome Engagement Session in the sun!  With stunning, scenic Mountain & River backgrounds, Rasar State Park was the perfect location for a couple like Jacquelynn & Matt who love the Outdoors!  I asked Jackie to tell me more about them, & here’s what she said:  “Lets see, we met during deer season of 2013, and have been madly in love ever since! We’ve been engaged since August of 2015 (nothing special as for a proposal, we both knew we were ready to get married.) Our free time is spent fishing, spending time with family, mostly doing anything to enjoy the outdoors. But when Fall hits, we’re non stop deer hunting. We are the typical steak & potatoes type of couple, country music is a must. Older country though. Waylon Jennings, Randy Travis, Hank Williams Jr.; we’re your basic Tar Heel couple. Work wise, Matt is a logger, it runs in his family. I work for a local Roads Department as a flagger.”  Well there you go!  We also wound up being able to hop over to a close family friend’s to take some photographs with some incredible vintage pick-up trucks – how cool is that!  So please join me in wishing a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Jacquelynn & Matt on their Engagement & upcoming Wedding on 09/03/16 at the Baker Lodge in Concrete!



        Laura & Brian ~ Wedding

        Rose-Lily kicked off the outdoor 2016 Wedding Season in style on 04/08/16 with Laura & Brian’s Wedding at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish!  It was a ‘picture perfect’ day (pun intended!) & Hidden Meadows looked spectacular (as always), serving as a stunning, rustic setting for our happy couple and their friends & family!  Brian is a commercial pilot, so we thought it was fitting that at the end of the day we got a fly by from a plane landing at the local Snohomish Airfield – nice!   Laura looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress from The Princess Bride, the food & beverage service from Trails End Catering was incredible, Nothing Bunt Cakes delivered some delicious delights and Otto-Matic Mobile Music got everyone to dance the night away!  It was a perfect day for a perfect Wedding!  So please join me in wishing Laura & Brian Congratulations & many-many happy years together as they move on down the road of life!Laura & Brian-1163



        1. Jeannie Sanders says:

          Absolutely lovely
          Playful and Magical all at the same time
          And there’s more?????
          Can’t wait. Love you two

        2. Elaine Johnson-Wilkinson says:

          Wow! Some really beautiful pictures guys!! Made me tear up again!! Love you both!

        3. Janet Green says:

          Just beautiful!

        4. Karen Russell says:

          Such a beautiful day! So beyond thrilled for you both, Laura and Brian!!

        5. Shannon Kelly says:

          Beautiful pics!

        6. Janet Harris Sullens says:

          Absolutely beautiful!

        7. Dorothy Russell says:

          Absolutely beautiful!

        8. Brenda Willey says:

          Absolutely gorgeous photos!!

        9. Pat True Wyke says:

          OMG! What breathtakingly beautiful photos! A perfect day for the Eagles to soar!

        10. Jennifer Marshall says:

          What beautiful photos, Laura! The kilt photos are pretty fun, too! 🙂

        Megan & Brandon ~ Engagement

        Rose-Lily met up with Megan & Brandon at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle back on 04/03/16 for an amazing day of Engagement photography!  The OSP is such an incredible place to create photographs, and it served as the perfect backdrop to capture the love our special couple has for each other.  Megan & Brandon met over 3 years ago through friends while they were both working at Boeing.  They had their first date at an Italian Restaurant, and have been going strong ever since!  Megan & Brandon enjoy skiing, hiking, listening to Country music, playing video & board games and hanging out with their cat Lily (we approve of that name!).  We finished off the session with a quick trip up to Kerry Park  in Queen Anne to get that iconic Seattle skyline photo (& a few others as well).  So until their Wedding at Dragon Fly Retreat in Bothell in July, please join me in wishing Megan & Brandon Congratulations on their Engagement & here’s wishing them many-many happy years to come!

        Megan & Brandon-100Megan & Brandon-101Megan & Brandon-102Megan & Brandon-103Megan & Brandon-104Megan & Brandon-105Megan & Brandon-106Megan & Brandon-107Megan & Brandon-108Megan & Brandon-109Megan & Brandon-110Megan & Brandon-111Megan & Brandon-112Megan & Brandon-113Megan & Brandon-114Megan & Brandon-115Megan & Brandon-116Megan & Brandon-117Megan & Brandon-118Megan & Brandon-119Megan & Brandon-120Megan & Brandon-121Megan & Brandon-122Megan & Brandon-123Megan & Brandon-124Megan & Brandon-125Megan & Brandon-126Megan & Brandon-127Megan & Brandon-128


        1. Louise Novotney Batkiewicz says:

          I can’t pick a favorite they are all great especially the black ‘n whites you both look so happy not long now love you both.

        2. Debbie Batkiewicz Sanders says:

          Happy looking couple!

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          Nice pictures. Especially like the second one from the top