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Alexa, Sawyer & Savannah ~ Family Session

We have some couples who we not only do a single event with, but who we are honored to photograph over the course of years;  Alexa & Sawyer are one of those couples.  From their Engagement Session, Wedding, One-Year Anniversary Session and now a Family Session with the newest addition to their family (Ms. Savannah), Rose-Lily has been so blessed to be there for it all!  We had a blast with this most recent Family Session!  Between Bothell Landing Park and Forest Park in Everett, we had a wonderful time capturing some priceless photographs with our happy couple & Savannah, just check out this Highlight Set!

  1. Carol Zylstra Hudson says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  2. Joyce Romberger says:

    Awesome picture…

  3. Marie Zylstra Van Voorst says:

    Alexa and Sawyer have always been very photogenic and now they have their little beauty girl who is too!

  4. Sarah Gogal says:

    Love this little family! Gorgeous pictures

Ashley & Nate ~ Engagement Session

Rose-Lily met up with Ashley & Nate (and their canine companion ‘Patron’) for a special Engagement Session in Everett back on 06/11/16 & we had an amazing day!  We used the Snohomish County Plaza and Forest Park as backgrounds for our photographs of the happy couple!  Ashley & Nate first met in High School about 14 years ago, but then went on separate paths.  They met up again in 2010, got Engaged about a year and a half later, and have been going strong ever since!  They both work at Boeing, like dirt biking & snow boarding and going out for Mexican food!  We had so much fun with this session and had a blast working with Patron!  We also wanted to thank Kaitlyn Bostrom (a special friend to Rose-Lily photography) for her assistance on that day!  Rose-Lily is also looking forward to working with Ashley & Nate again for their big Wedding in August at the Monte Cristo Ballroom (which is in Everett too)!  So until them, please join me in wishing the happy couple a big CONGRATULATIONS on their Engagement & upcoming Wedding and check out our amazing highlight images from this awesome day!


  1. Nancy Axtman says:

    These photos are fabulous…of course they would be with these two beautiful people. Inside and out, LOVE!

  2. Ashley Southard says:

    These pictures turned out amazing!!!

  3. Wendy Armstrong says:

    Soooo cute!

  4. Susan Axtman Mathews says:

    These photos are amazing! I ❤ so many of them!!! Rose Lily definitely captured your love and happiness

  5. Samuel Sebti says:

    What’s a great looking family !

  6. Natasha Safarian says:

    Love these photos!!! You both look amazing!

  7. Jasmine Daniels says:

    I can’t wait to see the wedding photos!!

  8. Amy Marthaler says:


  9. Ashley Church says:

    Beautiful pictures! Beautiful couple! Love love love

  10. Makayla Hill says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

Our tears & support go out Orlando!

Rainbow Ribbon

    Heidi & Melissa ~ Engagement

    Lindsey and I met up with Heidi & Melissa back on 05/29/16 for an incredible Engagement Session in La Connor.  We had amazing weather (eventually) and since our happy couple loves-loves-loves La Connor and hangs out there often (Melissa even proposed to Heidi on the bench featured in the beginning of the set!) we followed them around to their favorite spots with some great results!  We also meandered up the road to La Connor Flats for some do some photos in a more organic setting.   Highlights of the session were the Elephant ride & Zoltar Machine at Nasty Jack’s World Famous Antiques, the blooming Roses at La Connor flats, Heidi’s amazing ink and the baby possum we ran into during our journey (great shot Lindsey)!  When they aren’t having Engagement Photos taken, Heidi & Melissa enjoy spending time with their dogs, doing things in La Connor and watching Net Flix.  Heidi is a Paraeducator & an amazing DJ (need one? click here & contact her!) & Melissa is the Community Recreation Manager at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station; they first met 5 years ago, have been going strong ever since & their Wedding is this summer!  So please join me in congratulating Heidi & Melissa on their Engagement and upcoming Wedding, & here’s wishing the happy couple many-many happy years ahead!


    1. Shannan Kyler Rojas says:

      Fabulous photos! Thank you for sharing!

    2. Kym Kronske says:

      Oh my….I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them! You two are so ADORABLE! The love does flow right out of them!

    3. Pamela Sada says:

      Oh you two..simply beautiful. …so happy for you both…

    4. Liza Contreras Arriaga says:

      Your love just radiates through the pics!! Love wins everytime 🙂

    5. Jennifer Myers Baker Brennan says:

      They. Are fabulous, hard to pick a favorite! You both look radiant and happy! She truly captured your love!

    6. Melissa Jo Haley says:

      We love them! Thank you so much Edmond and Ashley. You were great to work with! We appreciate all the time you spent with us and letting us share this with our friends and family!

    Alisha ~ Family Session

    Rose-Lily met up with Alisha and her Family at Bothell-Landing Park in Bothell for a really fun Family Session back on 05/28/16!  We dodged some rain drops, hid under a few trees and got creative with our poses – all of which ending up working to our advantage!  Just check out this highlight set from our wonderful, late May afternoon in Bothell with Alisha’s Family!



    1. Molly Davis says:

      I’m obsessed

    2. Season Ruester Norton says:

      These are beautiful!!

    3. Ebony Scoggins says:

      Awww you guys look nice

    4. Jasmina Charles says:

      I LOVE THESE!! I’m gonna have to come out just to take pictures

    5. Teri curtis says:

      Love these pictures, the quality is exceptional. Perfect! I love this family so much and glad they got such great photos to cherish.
      I will be looking up RoseLily next time we do photos.

    6. Antoinette Peters says:

      These are beautiful! you guys look so happy

    7. Cheryl Whitney says:

      They are all so great wow what a great family