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Andrea & Brian ~ Engagement

Rose-Lily met up with Andrea & Brian for Engagement Session at the Tsubaki Shrine of America in Granite Falls on 04/08/17 – stunning venue!  Here are the highlight photos from their wonderful day & here’s their story (in their own words)!

How long ago did we meet?
Around 6 years ago. Didn’t start dating till we’d known each other for 6 months.

How did we meet?

We met in our Intermediate Algebra class at the Everett Community College. I was in running start, and Brian was working toward a degree.
Brian was sitting at the front of the class, answering all the questions and I was in back with my friend struggling to keep up. He kinda looked like John Lennon from the Beatles, so my friend and I bullied him into sitting by us and helping us learn it all. Hilariously we asked him to tutor us outside of class, but I never showed up cause I was a terrible student. Thanks to him I passed the class finally, but then he missed me when I wasn’t around between quarters – so I convinced him to date me.

How long have you been engaged?

We got engaged May 25th, 2016, so almost a year at this point.

Story around our engagement?

We’d been dating for almost 5 years when we decided to finally travel to Japan together. We saved up the money, and Brian bought a ring as well. It was my dream since I was a child to go to Japan one day and visit my exchange student who was basically like my older sister. Brian loved the culture too and wanted to travel there and experience it all. On the way there, he convinced me that he hadn’t bought a ring yet and not to get my hopes up. Then he spent the first three days doing everything to hide the ring from me and it stressed him out cause I apparently almost found it on multiple occasions. So then we were spending our 4th day there exploring Asakusa in Tokyo with my sister Miku. We explored Sensoji Temple together and made wishes together up at the steps. We kind of lost Miku in the crowd afterword though and I was trying to look for her cause she is super short. I guess she was looking for me at the same time. While I was distracted Brian got down on one knee behind me and pulled out the ring. Then he got my attention by saying “I bet I know what you’ve been wishing for.” and I turned around and saw him, and at the same time Miku came up, gasped loudly and said “Oh my god!” He asked me and I said “Sure”. So he asked again and I said yes. lol And then me and Miku were super excited, really surprised and giddy together after. It was great! Unforgettable.

What kind of work do we each do?

I work for an Entertainment Company as a sort of secondary manager for Washington state.
Brian sometimes works with me, but his regular job is at Boeing. He’s going to start going to school soon and plans on finishing his degree.

Do we have pets?

Yes! Currently we have a 1 year old dog named Ducky who has become our very loved baby. We got her when she was 4 months old from a California Rescue. She’s got a really goofy looking overbite that looks like a duck bill. 😉

Fun things are like to do together?

We love to camp, watch movies, play games, cuddle, create together, read comics and collect books. We love eating delicious new foods, going to anime conventions or music concerts and now having adventures with Ducky!

Extra What-Have-You

His favorite color is pink, mine is blue/turquoise. He teases me that I’m going to turn into a Blue-Lady. (Wear nothing but my favorite color one day.)
Brian freaking loves Capybaras, and wants to keep one as a pet one day. I’m not so sure.
We joke that if we could only have one culture’s food for the rest of our lives – I would pick Japanese food, and he would pick Mexican food. So he’s happy I’m part Mexican cause there will always be his favorite food in our home.
  1. Sylvia S says:

    I love these pictures! Great location, and really captured your love for each other!

Colby & Jaime ~ Engagement

Jaime & Colby had a wonderful Engagement Session with Rose-Lily back on 04/15/17 at Seward Park in Seattle!  Great weather, stunning scenic locations and Rylie the dog – a perfect day for our happy couple!  Jaime is a Medical Assistant and Colby is an Automotive Technician.  After meeting about a year & a half ago through mutual roommates, Colby proposed to Jaime at Seward Park last December at Christmas time!  When they aren’t working or playing with Rylie in the park, Jaime & Colby enjoy camping, boating and fishing!  Rose-Lily is honored to be a part of Colby & Jaime’s special day in February of 2018 at the Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett, but for now enjoy these highlight photographs from our special day at Seward Park!

    Julianne & Michael

    Rose-Lily met up with Julianne & Michael in downtown Snohomish on 04/09/17 for an exciting Engagement Session in this iconic Western Washington town!  We walked down to the water, strolled through downtown and had a lot of fun!  Julianne & Michael first met online in October of 2016 and were engaged 2 months later in December.  Julianne works in the healthcare profession and Michael works at Boeing, and when they want to have fun they enjoy going to Rock Concerts, going out for dinner of hanging out with Michael’s cat “Carnival” (even though Julianne is allergic to cats!).  Rose-Lily is honored to be a part of their special day on 09/30/17 at the Belle Chapel (also in Snohomish), but for now, enjoy these wonderful lights from our special day!


      Kim & Jason

      Rose-Lily joined Kim & Jason for a special Engagement Session in Arlington & Everett back on 04/08/17!  We went to Kim’s Aunt & Uncle’s 50’s style garage and created some vintage images using an amazing classic Cadillac and Chevy as backgrounds!  We also traveled to Everett and had fun with their second outfits downtown! Kim & Jason first met through friends, but then got Engaged in September of 2016 when Jason popped the question while Kim & her mom were on a trip to Disneyland (Jason made a ‘surprise appearance’)!  Kim is a Social Worker and Jason is a First Mate on a Tug Boat & when they aren’t hard at work, they enjoy riding Jason’s motorcycle, going out to restaurants & traveling (or dancing to their favorite song, Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love”).  Rose-Lily is excited to be a part of Kim & Jason’s Wedding at the Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett on 10/01/17, but for now please enjoy these highlights from our fantastic Engagement Session last weekend!

      1. Kim Peterson says:

        What a wonderful experience. Edmund made absolutely sure each photo was perfect and created photos with artistry that turned out so beautiful. We had so much fun making memories for a life time. I am so happy with these photos and can’t wait for our wedding day!

      2. Alicia says:

        So pretty!

      3. Crista Dinuis says:

        So fun to see how these photos capture the love between these two. The attention to detail is so amazing. Enjoyed looking at them all, can’t wait to see more from the big day!!

      4. Melissa W. says:

        The pictures are so original, with the vintage cars and the vivid colors! You both look so happy too!

      5. Jussi says:

        These are great!! ❤️

      6. Landon Scranton says:

        Gorgeous shoot you guys!

      7. Ashlee says:

        Sorry had to put another comment, I love love love the kiss picture by the car!

      8. Joseph says:

        Love the photos!!

      9. Ashlee says:

        Can’t wait until the wedding! You two are an amazingly beautiful couple! Love you bro and welcome to the family sis!!

      10. Autumn says:

        Beautiful photos!!!!!

      Stephanie & Winston ~ Family Session

      Rose-Lily caught up with Stephanie & Winston and their kiddos, Chloe & baby Hailey, for a fun Family Session at Carillon Point in Kirkland last weekend on 04/02/17!  We had great weather, wonderful settings and a lot of fun!  Chloe was a natural for the camera and baby Hailey gave use lots of smiles too! Check out this highlight set from our fun Family Session in Kirkland!