I was honored to be asked by Siera & her mom Shelley to take some new born photographs last weekend of the latest edition to their family, Siera’s 2 month old son Breckin.  I first met Siera & Shelley when Jenn & I photographed Siera & Andrew’s Wedding at the family home in Monroe in July of 2013.  So fast forward almost 2 years later, and Siera and Andrew (who now live in Michigan) are so happy to have Sir Breckin enter their world & turn their family of 2 into a family of 3!  We had a great session!  We used a mixture of available and strobe lighting & got some amazing results!  Love the Bear rug (there’s a story behind that involving Siera on a hunting trip with her Dad, a rifle and a Bear that got a little too close)!  It was a great day & we had so much fun working with Breckin!  Please join me in wishing Siera & Andrew and their families a huge Congratulations on Breckin’s arrival!

Siera & Breckin-110Siera & Breckin-120Siera & Breckin-130Siera & Breckin-140Siera & Breckin-150Siera & Breckin-160Siera & Breckin-165Siera & Breckin-170Siera & Breckin-180Siera & Breckin-185Siera & Breckin-190Siera & Breckin-200Siera & Breckin-210Siera & Breckin-220Siera & Breckin-230Siera & Breckin-240Siera & Breckin-250