RLP caught up with Camby & Scott on 04/12/13 in Snohomish for a fantastic Engagement Session!  They met about 3 years ago at Scott’s mom’s house (I think it was a ‘set up’) & they’ve been going strong ever since.  Camby is a hair dresser studying to be a Radiology Tech & Scott is a Personal Trainer.  I was heart broken to hear that we’re not going to shoot their Wedding since these guys have opted to go with the ‘Cruise Wedding’ instead of staying local (I offered to stow away on the boat to shoot the Wedding, but they took a pass!).  They have 2 dogs (pugs), Rocko & Reggie, they love Italian food and their favorite song is Anthony Hamilton, ‘Point of It All’ (I just checked it out on Spotify – smooth tune!).  Our day in Snohomish was awesome – the river, the antique store, the alley – you just can’t go wrong in Snohomish!  Congrats again Camby & Scott – Bon Voyage!