Ali & Russell ~ Maternity

Rose-Lily caught up with Ali & Russell (one of our 2014 Wedding Couples btw!) for an exciting Maternity Session at Legion Park in Everett back on 07/05/15!  The Arboretum at Legion Park is a stunning location with beautiful scenery and great shaded light!  Ali & Russell brought some exciting props & cool outfits for their first big photo session with Ms. Elliana (whose official arrival is set for next month).  It was a great day for this wonderful session – we had a blast!  Check out these highlights!

Ali & Russell-110Ali & Russell-120Ali & Russell-130Ali & Russell-140Ali & Russell-150Ali & Russell-160Ali & Russell-170Ali & Russell-180Ali & Russell-190Ali & Russell-200Ali & Russell-210Ali & Russell-215Ali & Russell-230Ali & Russell-240Ali & Russell-250Ali & Russell-260Ali & Russell-270Ali & Russell-280Ali & Russell-290Ali & Russell-300


  1. Edmund Smith says:

    Thanks again for a great day of Maternity Photography and Congratulations again on the expected arrival of Ms. Elliana!

Sammie & Josh ~ Maternity

Rose-Lily met up with Sammie & Josh on 6/13 for an amazing Maternity Session in Sedro Woolley at the Northern State Recreation Area. The weather & backgrounds made it a perfect day for a perfect photo session!   Sammie & Josh met about 7 years ago while working at a construction business; fast-forward 5 years and the happy couple got married in Maui and is now expecting their first addition to the family (a girl named ‘Skylar’). Ms. Skylar is expected to arrive into her parents arms on 07/01/15, so until then please join me in wishing them a huge congratulations & many-many-many joyous years ahead!

Sammie & Josh-101Sammie & Josh-110Sammie & Josh-121Sammie & Josh-130Sammie & Josh-140Sammie & Josh-150Sammie & Josh-160Sammie & Josh-170Sammie & Josh-180Sammie & Josh-190Sammie & Josh-200Sammie & Josh-210Sammie & Josh-220Sammie & Josh-230Sammie & Josh-240Sammie & Josh-250Sammie & Josh-260Sammie & Josh-270Sammie & Josh-280Sammie & Josh-290Sammie & Josh-300Sammie & Josh-310Sammie & Josh-320Sammie & Josh-330Sammie & Josh-340


    Laura & BJ ~ Maternity

    Rose-Lily met up with Laura & BJ on 01/31/15 at Bothell Landing Park for a really fun and light-hearted Maternity Session!  These pictures really show the love they have for each other and Hannah, their baby girl due to arrive in about a month!   Hannah will be the first child for our happy couple, who have been married for about 4 years after meeting at a fireworks display on the 4th of July.  BJ works in Demolition & Laura works for the Court system, so they are in the process of getting their careers & home ready for the BIG change that’s coming in their lives next month when Hannah arrives!  As for 01/31/15, we had a great session, perfect light & lots of laughs!  So please join me in wishing Laura & BJ ‘Congratulations’ on the arrival of Hannah & for all the love and joy that she will bring into their lives!

    Laura & BJ-110Laura & BJ-116Laura & BJ-120Laura & BJ-125Laura & BJ-130Laura & BJ-135Laura & BJ-141Laura & BJ-145Laura & BJ-150Laura & BJ-156Laura & BJ-160Laura & BJ-165Laura & BJ-170Laura & BJ-175Laura & BJ-180Laura & BJ-186Laura & BJ-190Laura & BJ-195

      Kelsie & Thomas ~ Engagement / Maternity

      Summer is over & our Engagement Season for 2015 Rose-Lily Weddings has begun!  We were so excited to be shooting our first Engagement Session of the fall with Kelsie & Thomas at Larrabee State Park in Bellingham back on 09/14/14.  This session also worked for our happy couple as a Maternity Session since they are expecting a new baby boy (to be named “Paxten”) in the not too distant future!  Kelsie & Thomas met at Eastern University’s Grad School program about a year ago & have been going strong ever since (they are both are going into the counseling profession).  What are their favorites – how about Asian Food, EDM & Classical Music, Hiking, Outdoor Concerts & Video Games!  Their love for each other is so obvious & the shoot was full of humor and laughter (we had a blast) & the perfect weather at Larrabee was the icing on the cake!  So for their upcoming Wedding at Stepping Stones Gardens in Burlington on 08/15/15, and for the upcoming arrival of their new baby boy, please join me & wishing Kelsie & Thomas a big Congratulations (& Congratulations)!

      Kelsie & Thomas-101Kelsie & Thomas-110Kelsie & Thomas-115Kelsie & Thomas-120Kelsie & Thomas-125Kelsie & Thomas-130Kelsie & Thomas-145Kelsie & Thomas-150Kelsie & Thomas-155Kelsie & Thomas-161Kelsie & Thomas-163Kelsie & Thomas-165Kelsie & Thomas-170Kelsie & Thomas-176Kelsie & Thomas-180Kelsie & Thomas-185Kelsie & Thomas-195Kelsie & Thomas-200Kelsie & Thomas-210Kelsie & Thomas-215Kelsie & Thomas-220Kelsie & Thomas-225Kelsie & Thomas-230Kelsie & Thomas-235Kelsie & Thomas-240Kelsie & Thomas-245Kelsie & Thomas-250Kelsie & Thomas-256

        Stefanie & Brandon ~ Materinty Session

        Rose-Lily caught up with Stefanie & Brandon (and Cooper the Beagle) at The Park at Bothell Landing on 7/31 for a fun afternoon Maternity Session in the sun!  The weather was perfect & that let us try out a variety of different ideas designed to celebrate our happy couple’s pending arrival of a new baby boy!  Highlights:  Stefanie bravely trekking out into the river water, Brandon finding the missing baby shoe and Cooper joining in on a kiss with our happy couple!  Stefanie & Brandon’s new baby boy is due on 09/24/14, so please join us in wishing their new family of 3 many happy days together (& they’ll need them to help with the sleepless nights)!  Congratulations!

        Stephanie & Brandon-200Stephanie & Brandon-210Stephanie & Brandon-220Stephanie & Brandon-230Stephanie & Brandon-240Stephanie & Brandon-250Stephanie & Brandon-260Stephanie & Brandon-270Stephanie & Brandon-280Stephanie & Brandon-285Stephanie & Brandon-290Stephanie & Brandon-300Stephanie & Brandon-305Stephanie & Brandon-310Stephanie & Brandon-320Stephanie & Brandon-325Stephanie & Brandon-330Stephanie & Brandon-340Stephanie & Brandon-350Stephanie & Brandon-360Stephanie & Brandon-370Stephanie & Brandon-380Stephanie & Brandon-390Stephanie & Brandon-395Stephanie & Brandon-400