Nathan ~ Class of 2016

Rose-Lily met up with Nathan back on 11/08/15 for a great afternoon of Senior Photography out on Camano Island!  We moved around to a few different spots for our session, & we highlighted Nathan’s love for Duck Hunting in many of his photographs.  Nathan was joined by his 2 hunting buddies – his brother Conner & his dog Champ – throughout our sunlit November afternoon.  Nathan is set to graduate Marysville-Pillchuck High School in June as part of the Class of 2016, after which he plans to go on to Columbia Basin Community College in Eastern Washington.  When he’s not out Duck Hunting with Conner & Champ, or hanging out with his girlfriend, Nathan likes to go fishing, listen to the Charlie Daniels Band or enjoy a good Steak or Burger!  Our weather was perfect and Nathan did an awesome job with the photography, which shows here in this amazing set of Senior Pictures.  Please join me in Congratulating Nathan on his upcoming Graduation in June and here’s wishing him a bright & prosperous future down the road of life!

Nathan - Class of 2016-110Nathan - Class of 2016-120Nathan - Class of 2016-131Nathan - Class of 2016-135Nathan - Class of 2016-138Nathan - Class of 2016-140Nathan - Class of 2016-150Nathan - Class of 2016-160Nathan - Class of 2016-171Nathan - Class of 2016-180Nathan - Class of 2016-190Nathan - Class of 2016-200Nathan - Class of 2016-210Nathan - Class of 2016-220Nathan - Class of 2016-230Nathan - Class of 2016-240Nathan - Class of 2016-250Nathan - Class of 2016-260Nathan - Class of 2016-270Nathan - Class of 2016-280Nathan - Class of 2016-290Nathan - Class of 2016-301Nathan - Class of 2016-305Nathan - Class of 2016-310Nathan - Class of 2016-320Nathan - Class of 2016-330Nathan - Class of 2016-340Nathan - Class of 2016-351Nathan - Class of 2016-360Nathan - Class of 2016-380Nathan - Class of 2016-390Nathan - Class of 2016-400


    Amanda ~ Class of 2016

    It was so fantastic to work with Amanda back on 10/04/15 for her Senior Session in Everett.  Amanda is graduating this Spring (2016) from Marysville-Pillchuck High School & then heading off next fall to study Civil Engineering at either the University of Idaho or Montana State (not sure which one yet – stay tuned)!  Here are some of Amanda’s likes:  Country Music (Carrie Underwood particularly), ‘Butter Chicken’ (an Indian dish that sounds amazing!), hanging out with her friends, Skiing, Singing & playing Basketball.  She did an incredible  job with this session and I think these images really capture her positive, outgoing personality!  Please join me in wishing Amanda congratulations on her upcoming graduation as part of the class of 2016 & here’s wishing her the best of luck on her future endeavors in college & down the road of life!

    Amanda - Class of 2016-110Amanda - Class of 2016-115Amanda - Class of 2016-121Amanda - Class of 2016-125Amanda - Class of 2016-130Amanda - Class of 2016-135Amanda - Class of 2016-140Amanda - Class of 2016-145Amanda - Class of 2016-150Amanda - Class of 2016-155Amanda - Class of 2016-157Amanda - Class of 2016-160Amanda - Class of 2016-175Amanda - Class of 2016-180Amanda - Class of 2016-185Amanda - Class of 2016-190Amanda - Class of 2016-195Amanda - Class of 2016-200Amanda - Class of 2016-205Amanda - Class of 2016-210Amanda - Class of 2016-215Amanda - Class of 2016-220Amanda - Class of 2016-230Amanda - Class of 2016-235Amanda - Class of 2016-240Amanda - Class of 2016-243Amanda - Class of 2016-245


      Michael ~ Class of 2016

      RLP Seniors met up with Michael back on 9/27/15 for an amazing Senior Session in Arlington at River Meadows Park!  We walked the grounds and found some spots for pictures that were absolutely perfect!  Michael’s home schooled, but part of the Track Team at Arlington High School, so we were sure to feature his Cross Country Gear (i.e. “XC”) during our session!  When Michael isn’t running, he likes to listen to ’21 Pilots’, play the piano, walk his dog Snickers, chow down on steak & potatoes or go hiking.  He’s planning to study Engineering at College next year, but until then – he’s going to keep on running!  We had great light & a great day (thanks for your assistance RoCherra!) – check out these awesome highlights!

      Michael Barene-105Michael Barene-110Michael Barene-115Michael Barene-120Michael Barene-125Michael Barene-130Michael Barene-133Michael Barene-135Michael Barene-140Michael Barene-145Michael Barene-150Michael Barene-155Michael Barene-160Michael Barene-165Michael Barene-170Michael Barene-175Michael Barene-180Michael Barene-185Michael Barene-190Michael Barene-195Michael Barene-200Michael Barene-205Michael Barene-210Michael Barene-215Michael Barene-220

        Kelsi ~ Class of 2015

        Rose-Lily caught up with Kelsi, a Senior at Everett High School (Class of 2015), on 10/12/14 at the barn in Mount Vernon where her horse (a mare named Fiona) is stabled & we did some amazing work!  Kelsi loves her animal companions Fiona & Chewie (the Pit Bull) and allowed us to work with them during a day of awesome Senior photography!  Other highlights were Kelsi’s cool Cinch Boots and her ornate Marlin Rifle.  So needless to say, Kelsi’s interests outside school are country music, practice shooting, horse racing and 4x4ing.  Kelsi said her motto is “the more mud the better”!  She’s not sure where she’s going after Everett High School, but wherever she does she’ll definitely make an impression!  Please join me in wishing Kelsi a big ‘Congratulations’ on her graduation this June along with the rest of the Class of 2015!

        Kelsi - Class of 2015-100Kelsi - Class of 2015-110Kelsi - Class of 2015-113Kelsi - Class of 2015-130Kelsi - Class of 2015-140Kelsi - Class of 2015-150Kelsi - Class of 2015-160Kelsi - Class of 2015-170Kelsi - Class of 2015-180Kelsi - Class of 2015-190Kelsi - Class of 2015-210Kelsi - Class of 2015-220Kelsi - Class of 2015-230Kelsi - Class of 2015-240Kelsi - Class of 2015-250Kelsi - Class of 2015-260

        1. Nick Ham says:

          These turned out fantastic!

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        3. Ryan N. Marilyn says:

          Beautiful. Luv u cuz

        4. Liliya Tomchuk says:

          Great quality and very neutiful setting. Love the varietu and scenery too!

        5. Mirka says:

          Really high-quality photos; you look stunning!!

        6. Bayley Ida Marie Boston says:

          Gorgeous!! Beautiful backgrounds 🙂

        7. Kelsi Milner says:

          Thank you i had an awesome time shooting these!!

        8. kennda good says:

          omg i am one proud mama i luv the one of u with the gun slung over ur shoulders luv u lots

        9. Judith Good says:

          They are all good, Kels’…. Love the close-ups of you and Chewie and the one of you and the horse. HOWEVER…… the smirky one is soooooo you. 🙂 She did a REALLY GOOD job. I wish these were numbered or individually identified so we could more precisely comment.

        10. Kelsi says:

          Thank you so much i had a lot of fun and they look amazing!

        Sierra ~ Class of 2015

        Sierra (Snohomish High School ~ Class of 2015) met up with Rose-Lily at the Pike Place Market in Seattle for her Senior Session back on 10/04/15 & we had a blast!  Her friend Chelsea joined us as we walked through the Market & made a beautiful, fun set of Senior pictures that really captured the energy of the day!  The Pike Place Market is awesome – so crowds, the hustle & bustle, the scents & sounds – it was awesome!  Sierra loves scuba diving, baking (particularly cupcakes!) & video games.  She is planning to attend DigiPen Institute of Technology next year to become a theme writer for video games.  We ended our session when Sierra met up with friends from the class of 2015 for dinner & talked them into doing some photographs!  Rose-Lily has also been partnering with Laura Wentworth (with to provide fantastic day of hair styling & makeovers for our Senior clients, including Sierra!  Please join me in Congratulating Sierra for her upcoming Graduation in June of 2015, her attendance at DigiPen in the fall and her post high school life!

        Sierra - 100Sierra - 110Sierra - 120Sierra - 130Sierra - 140Sierra - 150Sierra - 160Sierra - 170Sierra - 180Sierra - 190Sierra - 200Sierra - 210Sierra - 220Sierra - 230Sierra - 240Sierra - 250