Brian ~ Class of 2015

Rose-Lily worked with Brian (Snohomish High School, Class of 2015) back on 09/27/14 to shoot an incredible set of Senior Pictures photographed at his rustic Snohomish home.  The neighbor’s barn (& dog!) introduced some great elements into our session, as did the wonderful trees that were spread out over the entire property.  Brian is really into Cycling (hence the shots with his bike) and also likes playing video games (he showed us a couple of his favorites during the session).  Brian hopes to attend the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) next year to turn his passion for video games into a career.  We had a great day, photographed under some fantastic light & had a lot of fun!  Please join me in wishing Brain Congratulations for his pending June 2015 Graduation from Snohomish High School & join me in wishing him much success as he embarks on his post-high school life!

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    ‘Rose-Lily Seniors’ is now online!

    Senior Sample 2

    Rose-Lily is excited to announce the launch of our new ‘Rose-Lily Seniors’ website.  We have been working diligently over the last 6 weeks to create this fantastic new website that features some of the amazing new work we’re doing with local Seniors from Snohomish, Everett, Granite Falls and Arlington High Schools.  We’d like to send out a special ‘thank-you’ to Kaitlyn at Granite Falls High School for her participation in a recent styled session, Mick Cathy with MC Solutions for his diligent efforts with the website and Laura Wentworth with for her partnership with Rose-Lily Senior Sessions as our Stylist.  Just click here to be linked to this exciting new online website that features our latest Senior Samples and more information about how you can contact us to book your Fall 2014 Senior Session today!

      Josh ~ Class of 2014

      RLP caught up with Josh, from Mount Baker High School’s Class of 2014, last weekend for a fantastic Senior Session!  Josh’s school is located in Deming, WA (about 20 East of Bellingham), but his mom just bought a beautiful home in Kayak Point where we shot his Senior Pictures.  The property & the home are absolutely stunning!  The beautiful tress, leaves and home all served as incredible elements in the photographs.  Josh wore a couple of different neutral tone shirts for the shoot; perfect choices against the colorful leaves on the property!  Josh is a big WSU fan, so I was sure to get a great detail shot of his cap (Go Cougs!).  Josh is off to Bellingham Technical College next year to study mechanics.  He likes hunting deer, riding quads, fishing & watching football (& so does his older brother Jared, who got into a few shots as well!)  One of the family’s canine companions, Daisy, also joined us for a few photos!  We had a lot of fun & great fall weather – a perfect shoot!  Join me in congratulating Josh on his upcoming June 2014 graduation & let’s wish him well at BTC next year!


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        Mariana ~ Class of 2014

        RLP caught up with Mariana (West Seattle High School – Class of 2014) at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle on 10/20/13 for a cool walk through one of Seattle’s great landmarks.  Mariana is excited about graduation in June and plans to go on to community college in the fall.  As a clarinet player, Mariana has been involved in marching bands for years (both the West Seattle High School Marching Band and the All City High School Marching Band) & she brought her hat along as a prop (love the colors!) Her own personal music tastes lean towards country (she’s a huge Blake Shelton fan), even though her favorite food is the Russian Soup called ‘Borsht‘.  Her outfits were perfect for the shoot:  her casual hoody worked really well for our casual shots & a fall friendly off white top & black skirt were perfect for our more formal work.  Mariana did a great job & we had an awesome day!  Join me & wishing her ‘Congratulations’ on her upcoming graduation in June & good luck next year in college!

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          Allie ~ Class of 2014

          Allie met up with RLP on 10/06/13 for a dynamic Senior Session in Bellingham!  We shot at Whatcom Falls & Downtown Bellingham – and we had a blast!  The Falls were stunning and provided us with beautiful scattered sun and stunning environments. When we went into Downtown Bellingham, we made a day of it!  We stopped at Everyday Music, dug through some vinyl bins and had fun with records (Allie found some CD’s from one of her favorite bands,  30 Seconds to Mars).  Then we wandered down the street, shooting all the while & we stopped at Mallard Ice Cream where Allie scored a scoop of coconut chocolate chuck (with almonds!).  Allie is into reading & video games and she’s off to Gonzaga University in Eastern Washington next year to study Science & Literature.  So join me in Congratulating Allie for her upcoming Graduation from Burlington-Edison High School in June & here’s wishing her the best of luck with next year at Gonzaga and in all the years to come!

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