As we move into fall, we’ve been photographing some amazing Engagement Sessions with our 2015 Brides & Grooms!  This perfectly describes our afternoon session with Danielle & Cory at Bothell Landing Park back on 09/20/14.   Our happy couple looked great in their 2 different fall outfits and canine companions Makita & Chloe fit perfectly in the park setting!  Danielle & Cory met 5 years ago & told me their first real date was at ‘Snow Flake Lane’ in Bellevue at Christmas time.  Fast forward 5 years, and Cory picked that same spot to pop the question – smart move Cory (& Danielle said ‘yes’ by the way)! Danielle is a Teacher & Cory is a Plumber, and besides walking Makita & Chloe, they like kayaking, camping, sushi, Mexican food and especially ‘happy-houring’.  Their big day is on 07/25/14 at Tazer Valley Farm in Stanwood, but for now please join me in wishing Danielle & Cory Congratulations on a Happy Engagement, a wonderful Wedding Day and many happy years together down the road of life!

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