Rose-Lily met up with John & Krista at the Nakashima Heritage Barn North Trailhead in Snohomish County back on 10/21/18 for a wonderful Fall Engagement Session! John & Krista first met during their Senior year in High School in 2013. They dated long distance through College (Krista went to college in North Dakota and John went to Western Washington University in Bellingham) and then reunited after their Graduations and got engaged on 06/22/18. John is a Public Accountant and Krista is an Engineer, and when they aren’t hard at work they enjoy going out to eat, beer tasting (and drinking!) and traveling! And despite John being a Husky and Krista being a Cougar, they are still head over heels for each other! Rose-Lily is honored to be a part of their Wedding on 08/03/19 at Nature’s Connection Place in Arlington, and check out these highlight photos from their Fall Engagement Session in North Snohomish County!