RLP traveled over to the East Side for an incredible day of photography with Kayla & Jesus on 05/17/14!  Our two locations were Bellevue Downtown Park and Houghton Beach Park in Kirkland.  We were also joined by Kayla & Jesus’ 2 children, Zytaveus and Avvie, who looked perfect in their matching outfits (love the red Converse!)  Bellevue Downtown Park was actually the location for our happy couple’s first date.  First they went to see a movie, but the Theater was closed, so they ended up going to the park and strolling the night away (how romantic is that)!  Kayla & Jesus enjoy rock climbing and working out, as well as going out for Mexican Food (one of our favorites too)!  Jesus works in the Banking field and Kayla works with developmentally disabled children.  I think this set of photographs really captures the timeless love and friendship between them.  Well, 4 years, a few major relocations and 2 kiddos later, the time has come to tie the knot!  We are honored to be photographing their Wedding at the Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett in February of 2015, so until then, please join me sending out a big CONGRATULATIONS Kayla & Jesus!

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