Rose-Lily caught up with Kelsi, a Senior at Everett High School (Class of 2015), on 10/12/14 at the barn in Mount Vernon where her horse (a mare named Fiona) is stabled & we did some amazing work!  Kelsi loves her animal companions Fiona & Chewie (the Pit Bull) and allowed us to work with them during a day of awesome Senior photography!  Other highlights were Kelsi’s cool Cinch Boots and her ornate Marlin Rifle.  So needless to say, Kelsi’s interests outside school are country music, practice shooting, horse racing and 4x4ing.  Kelsi said her motto is “the more mud the better”!  She’s not sure where she’s going after Everett High School, but wherever she does she’ll definitely make an impression!  Please join me in wishing Kelsi a big ‘Congratulations’ on her graduation this June along with the rest of the Class of 2015!

Kelsi - Class of 2015-100Kelsi - Class of 2015-110Kelsi - Class of 2015-113Kelsi - Class of 2015-130Kelsi - Class of 2015-140Kelsi - Class of 2015-150Kelsi - Class of 2015-160Kelsi - Class of 2015-170Kelsi - Class of 2015-180Kelsi - Class of 2015-190Kelsi - Class of 2015-210Kelsi - Class of 2015-220Kelsi - Class of 2015-230Kelsi - Class of 2015-240Kelsi - Class of 2015-250Kelsi - Class of 2015-260