RLP Seniors met up with Michael back on 9/27/15 for an amazing Senior Session in Arlington at River Meadows Park!  We walked the grounds and found some spots for pictures that were absolutely perfect!  Michael’s home schooled, but part of the Track Team at Arlington High School, so we were sure to feature his Cross Country Gear (i.e. “XC”) during our session!  When Michael isn’t running, he likes to listen to ’21 Pilots’, play the piano, walk his dog Snickers, chow down on steak & potatoes or go hiking.  He’s planning to study Engineering at College next year, but until then – he’s going to keep on running!  We had great light & a great day (thanks for your assistance RoCherra!) – check out these awesome highlights!

Michael Barene-105Michael Barene-110Michael Barene-115Michael Barene-120Michael Barene-125Michael Barene-130Michael Barene-133Michael Barene-135Michael Barene-140Michael Barene-145Michael Barene-150Michael Barene-155Michael Barene-160Michael Barene-165Michael Barene-170Michael Barene-175Michael Barene-180Michael Barene-185Michael Barene-190Michael Barene-195Michael Barene-200Michael Barene-205Michael Barene-210Michael Barene-215Michael Barene-220