Rose-Lily met up with Stacey & Jason last Saturday, 2/21 at Deception Pass for an awesome Engagement Session set against the amazing beauty of the Pacific Northwest!  Stacey & Jason first met in High School in Ohio, & then met up again about a year & a half ago, and the sparks started flying!  Jason has a career in the military and Stacey is a Nurse.  They are both huge fans of Ohio State (hence the “O H I O” photo at the end of the set – Go Buckeyes!).  Stacey & Jason are the proud parents of a 3 mos old baby girl (Ella Ann) & Jason has a 3yo son (Mason) from prior relationship, so when our happy couple marries in Ohio this September, it’s going to be an instant family!  When they are not parenting the kiddos, Stacey & Jason like going out for Italian food, listening to live Country Music & enjoying some cold beer!  After the September Wedding in Ohio, it’s back to Washington State for our transplanted couple to begin their new married lives together!  It was a privilege to work with Stacey & Jason, and although we regret not being able to drive over to Ohio to photograph the Wedding, please join us in wishing them both a wonderful Wedding & many-many happy years together!

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